Eco Hotels in Heredia

Heredia, located in the northeastern part of Costa Rica, is a beautiful and varied province with much to explore. Not only does the area provide a number of outdoor activities and cultural opportunities, it also features a variety of eco sustainable hotels. For those looking to explore new destinations while contributing to a more habitable environment for everyone, eco hotels in Heredia are a great way to visit one of Costa Rica’s most stunning national parks.

Eco Hotel Features

If you have never stayed in an ecologically friendly establishment, you might be wondering what you can expect from your trip. The truth is, there are a lot of differences, but there are more similarities than you might expect, too. Eco hotels in the area offer features like swimming pool, bar and room service, concierge services, climate control and more.

You might be wondering how hotels can operate in an ecologically friendly, sustainable manner while still offering the same benefits to visitors that traditional hotels offer. The secret is in the construction. Eco sustainable hotel design features a variety of alternative construction materials and building methods. Where possible, local and traditional building practices are put into place, to reduce the environmental impact of the construction. Last but not least, environmentally efficient technologies like solar, wind, and geothermal help by creating sustainable energy sources that power the eco hotels in Heredia.

Geographic Variation

One of the great attractions this province has for tourists is its varied climate and geology. This allows for hot, humid rainforest temperatures in some areas at some times of the year and mild but warm, drier weather in other areas and at other times of year. As a result, it’s easy to find both activities and a comfortable forecast for any traveler who is patient and who times the trip correctly.

Outdoor Activities in the Heredia

Heredia offers a variety of activities and attractions for tourists, including some of the most beautiful conservation areas in the country. It features Braulio Carillo, a national park in the southeastern part of the province that extends southward into the neighboring Limon province. Heredia national parks are one of the best ways to safely see the flora and fauna that make Costa Rica such a lush and beautiful Central American country. Other parks in the area are Barva Volcano National Park, Monte de la Cruz, La Selva Biological Station and more. All of these locations offer opportunities that are unique to the Costa Rican experience, including natural wonders, kayaking and whitewater rafting, beaches, waterfalls, and more.

Living in a Sustainable Community

When you stay in eco hotels in Heredia, you have the opportunity to not only participate in travel while minimizing your environmental impact, but also to help enrich local communities. That’s because eco hotels incorporate technologies that help with local problems, like water reclamation and sustainable use. By setting these examples and bringing these technologies to bear on some of the activities that cause the highest energy consumption, like short term travel, they help to make both the local and global environment better.

Planning Your Eco Hotel Vacation

The first step to deciding where to go on your vacation is deciding which of Heredia’s natural wonders you are planning on visiting while you travel. Once you have that narrowed down, finding eco sustainable lodgings in the nearby vicinity should be easy. All you need to do is look at any local hotel directories for reviews and information about accommodations.

Remember, sustainable hotels all offer different features, and some might offer features that others don’t, depending on location and climate. To have everything you expect on your trip, you’re going to need to do your research and plan ahead.

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