Eco Hotels in Alajuela

Alajuela is a province in northern Costa Rica known for the temperate climate, volcanoes and hot springs. It’s a tropical wonderland, known for having the best weather in the world, most likely due to the Caribbean influence. It’s one of the most fantastic getaways in the world, with many eco hotels in Alajuela, which is also the name of the capital city. The province offers a gorgeous natural environment, beautiful valleys, green hills and private reserves for hiking, bird-watching, windsurfing and relaxation.

Thousands of native species are found in this biodiverse hotspot. Over 450 types of orchids can be found in Alajuela. Many of the prettiest and most colorful birds are found within its borders, such as the scarlet macaw, toucan and hummingbirds. Although many mountains pass through Alajuela, the base of the economy is agricultural. Coffee, cattle, green vegetables and sugar cane are just a few of the important crops.

The real draw in Alajuela is the tourism. La Fortuna is a tourist hotspot at the base of the Arenal Volcano. Many of the best hot springs in Alajuela can be found here, with eco hotels and resorts providing excellent accommodations. The area is a tropical rainforest with spectacular views of the volcanos and mountains. It’s a peaceful and relaxing environment that encourages rejuvenation.

Wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries

La Marina Wildlife Rescue Center is a privately funded animal reserve that rescues wildlife from across Costa Rica. It houses tapirs, macaws, spider monkeys and native felines who have lost their habitat or been injured. Some animals are able to be returned to their local habitat after recovery while others who cannot are kept at the center for visitors to see. Look closely to see butterflies, flora and birds that are not housed at the reserve but take refuge within its walls.

A public topiary garden has been drawing visitors to Zarcero since the 1960s. The shrubs have been trimmed into bizarre and exotic animals and other shapes. While you’re in town, make sure to see the pink and blue church of Iglesia de San Rafael, which was built in 1895. It’s a beautiful building that isn’t quite as it first seems. The columns look like marble, but they have been painted to appear so. The exterior looks like brick, but it’s actually metal siding. Many of the local communities offer artisan markets with products made by local artists, and Zarcero is no different.

Cities with Heritage

The city of Alajuela is known as the “City of Mangoes.” Every June, the town holds a festival dedicated to the fruit. At the center of the city, visit the cathedral where mangoes fall from the trees. Along with many historic buildings that provide a look into the local culture, you’ll want to visit the museum dedicated to Juan Santamaria, a local folk hero. In addition to relics and displays that provide a unique look into the history, the museum houses an exhibit dedicated to local artisans. Throughout the year, you may even find plays and lectures at the museum. There are plenty of eco hotels in Alajuela with excellent accommodations for singles, couples and families.

The province is home to other wildlife refuges, where visitors can learn about birds or snakes. The eco hotels in Alajuela offer stunning gardens with bird and butterfly sanctuaries. The rooms have large windows for viewing the beauty of the area. Ask your eco resort about a tour to one of the nearest wildlife refuges or parks. The experience you’ll have in Alajuela is unforgettable. It will be the trip of lifetime, and when you stay at a beautiful eco hotel, you’ll minimize your impact on the ecology while exploring the extensive biosphere of Costa Rica.

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