Eco Hotels in Limón

As a beach province, Limón is best known for its party culture and its openness. The tourism in the area is built around both the strong Afro-American culture that has deep traditional roots in the community and the party all the time beach atmosphere that so many tropical locations with wide access to the waterfront cultivate. Not only will your stay in Limón give you the chance to hear, see, and taste, the local culture, it also gives nature lovers the chance to see some truly unique sites, including Limón marine turtles, which draw divers from all over the world who hope to be able to observe them in their natural habitats.

Eco Hotels in Limón

When you come to Limón for an eco-friendly vacation, there are a number of opportunities for sustainable lodging for you to choose from. Local hotels compete for both the quality of their amenities and the ways they are able to enrich the local community. That is done through a few different design initiatives including the use of traditional building materials and methods where available to minimize the environmental disruption of their construction. Another way to do this is by incorporating sustainable technologies to power the facilities, including solar, wind, and where available, geothermal energy. Water reclamation and recycling technologies also reduce the hotel’s footprint and demonstrate proof of concept for sustainable water use plans in the community.

All of these features allow the eco hotels in Limón, Costa Rica to offer amenities that travelers look for without creating a disruptive environmental footprint. That means you can still enjoy pools, room service, and even in-room climate control, all while knowing you are doing what you can to participate in a culture of sustainable living.

Local Attractions

Being on the east coast of Costa Rica, many of Limón’s attractions are built around the beach, which makes up the entire eastern border. This means there are plenty of local opportunities for water-based activities, and not only for those looking to see Limón marine turtles. There are also opportunities to charter crafts for diving or fishing expeditions, as well as coastal kayaking and parasailing. Snorkel the Caribbean with a local guide or simply enjoy the ability to unwind in the sand. No matter what you are looking to do, there’s a lot to see on Limón’s beaches. If you’re looking for specific outdoor destinations, remember to check out popular hot spots such as La Amistad International Park, Cahuita National Park, Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge, Tortuguero National Park and more.

Culture and Nightlife

The deeply rooted Afro-American roots in this area become apparent when you journey to any of the beach towns and cities scattered up and down the coast, where local cuisine and entertainment is deeply tied to the cultural traditions of Costa Rica. Enjoy Caribbean dance music, and come to taste the unique flavors that make Costa Rican cuisine one of the must-have experiences that define Caribbean travel, because the atmosphere in most Limón entertainment districts is one that says it’s time to party all the time.

Plan Your Vacation to Limón

If you are ready to plan your next trip, Limón makes a great destination, but you will need to plan ahead to find the right lodgings. Planning in advance for the attractions you plan to see will help you select a hotel location that is centralized and reduces your travel time. From there, it’s just a matter of researching the available amenities and rates at each of your sustainable hotel choices.

With so much to do and see, you might even need to plan two trips to the province to see everything you want to see. After all, with both educational and adventurous opportunities for travelers, Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations in Central America. Come and see it for yourself today.

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