Eco Hotels in South Puntarenas

The South Puntarenas area of Costa Rica extends from the south of Manuel Antonio National Park to the Panamá border and is home to a stunning amount of endangered species and tropical forestation diversity. Remaining green in every season of the year, the region is full of beautiful vistas and dense natural environments to explore, and the eco hotels of South Puntarenas Costa Rica are the perfect bases from which to explore this area.

Remote Beauty

South Puntarenas is home to some of the wildest eco hotels in Costa Rica and is a premier spot for eco tourism. It is home to the Corcovado National Park, located on the Osa Peninsula, one of the most remote and isolated areas in the region. The park is one of the most ecologically diverse and unspoiled destinations in the world. Containing a whopping 13 major ecosystems within the area, eco hotels in the Osa Peninsula rank as most natural and secluded destinations in Costa Rica.

Connect with Nature

The unique concept of eco hotels in South Puntarenas places guests and nature closer together. Isolated locations and an abundance of animal and plant life further this goal. In addition, the eco hotels are built so that they blend into their surroundings and make a minimal impact on the environment. Many times, these eco hotels are only accessible by boat or plane.

Accommodations are available from basic cabin lodging to luxurious bungalows. Full immersion into the natural environment invites relaxation, and resorts with spas and room service extend the ability to unwind. Eco lodge properties often have nature trails winding throughout their lush jungle properties to invite hiking and bird watching. Many hotels offer horseback riding and trekking tours.

Notable Natural Attractions

The beaches of South Puntarenas are a healing balm from noisy urban living. Make sure to look to the water for views of flying fish, whales, sea turtles, and dolphins. Dense forests and pristine waters at Playa Carbonera and Golfo Dulce can also be a base for your eco adventures in South Puntarenas. Enjoy encountering cascading waterfalls, botanical gardens with amazing orchids, and wildlife sightings all on your eco hotel property.

Premier Sporting Destination

Not just for wildlife watchers, South Puntarenas is a premier sporting destination. You can fish in the depths of the sea one day and traverse calm river water the next day. Sports fishing in Drake Bay is excellent and the choices of fishes to catch vary with the seasons. Offshore, you can try for striped, blue, and black marlin, dorado, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and mahi-mahi. Inshore fishing offers a chance for roosterfish, Spanish and Sierra mackerel, cabrilla, grouper, jacks, and snapper. If you are looking to fish in a mangrove laced river, head to the Sierpe to catch Corvina and snook. Snorkelers can see plentiful marine life in the waters around Isla del Caño.

Idyllic Surfing

There are many places to surf in the South Puntarenas province, but the premier spot is Pavones. On the southern section of the province’s coastline, Pavones is in the southern Golfo Dulce area. Renowned as the best Central American place to surf, the best action is between April and October. When the swells are at their highest, legend has it that you can ride an over three-minute wave.

An eco hotel is an ideal place to stay to enjoy the rich natural surroundings of South Puntarenas. Whether you enjoy being close to the beach and open water or crave a true jungle living experience, South Puntarenas can satisfy your need for a truly wild vacation. The close contact with a pristine and wild environment will provide a vacation that will be remembered for years to come.

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