Canopy Tours in Cartago

Letting you literally ‘fly’ through the air, canopy tours present a wonderful way of discovering a rainforest’s natural beauty. An exciting and exhilarating adventure for all to enjoy, canopy tours let you explore a rainforest in all its glory, while at the same time causing no damage to this precious habitat. You are treated to a bird’s eye view of the forestation around you, as you zip from tree to tree.

A View from Above

Not for the faint hearted, a canopy tour lets you see plants and animals in their pristine natural setting while you fly overhead, taking in the sights below you. Though a trek across the forest is a wonderful way to appreciate it, via a canopy tour you are more aware of the rugged, wild and raw splendor of the area.


In Costa Rica, plenty of canopy tours can be found all across the country, with more than 25% of the land here covered in rainforests. Home to a mecca of both common and rare flora and fauna, this part of the world is known for its extraordinary biodiversity. In Cartago, you can try out a canopy tour at Turrialba, which lies just north of the Central Valley. A stunningly beautiful area with plenty for all to enjoy, a trip here is well worth it especially if you are an adventure lover.

Canopy & Rafting

Cartago is is known primarily for its incredible white water rafting and kayaking along the rivers Reventazón and Pacuare, but you can also take a canopy tour out here and enjoy all that this region but has to offer. Rich in natural beauty the wildlife out here is amazing, with this region home to a number of bird and butterfly species. As you traverse from tree to tree you are treated to some terrific sights along the way.

Safety comes First

When you hire a canopy tour operator in Cartago, always make sure that you choose an accredited tour company and remember to ask for references and client testimonials. Make sure that the canopy tour operator you choose adheres to strict safety standards and follow the operators instructions at all times. Wear you safety hat and gloves, and remember to check your backup harness.

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