White Water Rafting in Limón

Travelers come to Costa Rica for sun, surf and unbeatable outdoor recreation, and one of the most popular adventure attractions is white water rafting. While there are several places across the country to rough it amid the rapids, White Water Rafting in Limon is ranked above the rest. Limon, located along the Caribbean coast and known for its unique culture and stunning scenery, is home to the Pacuare and Reventazon rivers. Both of these rivers are ideal for rafting enthusiasts and novice explorers looking for a thrilling addition to their Costa Rican getaway.

Reventazon River

Known for its fast-moving waters, the Reventazon River is sourced from the Cordillera de Talamanca and sits at an elevation of almost 1450 meters. This is one of the top-rated rivers for travelers, and it is one of the hardest white water rivers to raft in the country. Spanning more than 65 kilometers, there are plenty of access points so that experienced paddlers and beginners alike can enjoy a day along the river. The intensity increases along the way, although the conditions will depend on the time of the year you are heading here. Between March and April, which is the latter half of the dry season, this river is an ideal attraction. The water levels remain constant, while some other locations in Costa Rica will begin to dip below normal.

Travelers who have never gone white water rafting before, or are in the mood for something with a bit more leisure, the Florida section features Class II and III rapids across 16 kilometers. If you are an experienced paddler, the Pascua section is the route to take. Stretching for 24 kilometers at Class IV or higher, this section features 44 rapids, including "Dirty Mind," "The Abyss," "Horrendito" and "Indigestion."

Pacuare River

As one of the most popular choices for white water rafters, the Pacuare River is a good choice no matter what your experience level. This world-famous gorge is known for its immense beauty. Travelers will see cascading waterfalls, rock walls coated in greenery and an incredible array of wildlife along the way. Rafters will get to bask at the beauty of the Pauare River Gorge, which is about 8 kilometers of some of the country's finest rapids. From lowland tropical rainforest to secondary forest to virgin forest, rafters will see a bit of everything along the trek.

But people don't just come here for the scenery. This river features a total of 52 rapids across nearly 29 miles, including "El Indio," "Magnetic Rock," "Cimarrones," "The Play Hole" and "Upper and Lower Huacas." For the first stretch of the river, a series of class II-III rapids pose a slight challenge for experienced paddlers, while beginners will get a knack for the rough terrain ahead. Some of the rapids here reach class V levels for the ultimate adventure.

Both of these rivers offer day trips and overnight excursions for those who want to explore the rest of the area or enjoy different levels of white water rafting.

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