Sportfishing in Limón

The province of Limón is bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, and has a long, uninterrupted coast that is home to dozens of beautiful beaches. This area is known for its lush coastal rainforests, dense mangrove swamps and wildlife-rich deltas, and more than a quarter of its shores are so important that they have been designated protected habitats. Conservation, protection, and eco-living are more than concepts for the country of Costa Rica, they are actionable ideas that the people and government get behind, support, and sustain.

This dedication to the natural landscape means that Limón remains an area of the country that is completely different from the rest of Costa Rica. When you stay here, you might even feel like you’re on a vacation from your vacation! Spend a few days here and you’ll be sure that there was a glitch in the matrix. One of the favorite activity for those visiting Limon is sport fishing. Here is some information on the best areas of the province to visit for some great fishing.

North Limón

The northern area of the province is one of the most popular areas for sport fishing in all of Limón. This area is where you can find two incredible national parks: Tortuguero and Barra del Colorado, both of which offer plenty of opportunities for anglers. Parque Nacional Tortuguero offers you the chance to explore the wonderful wildlife that calls the area home, and it gives fishers that chance to visit the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica for some excellent sport fishing. If you’re staying at hotel or lodge in the park, you can ask their guest services to help you arrange a fishing trip. Many times, you can bundle your transportation and trip into one price, and have the convenience of working with a hotel-approved company to arrange the entire trip for you. Just show up and get ready to fight the waters and the fish on your line.

Barra del Colorado

If you want to be able to tell people back home that you found some of the best sport fishing in Costa Rica, then you’re going to want to be sure to visit the Barra del Colorado Refuge. As the largest wildlife reserve in the country, Barra del Colorado is great for sport fishing for a few reasons. The first reason is because you can fish here year-round. Some other areas are season-sensitive, but Barra del Colorado will welcome fishers all year, and give them a chance to catch great fish. From January to June is tarpon hunting season, while from September to December you can hook plenty of snook. The great fish are the second reason this area is at the top of the list; you can catch both freshwater and saltwater fish here.


Another good place to go fishing in Limón is near the mouth of the River Parismina, south of the Tortuguero National Park. This area is elusive, as it is accessible only by boat or water taxi, but that is what makes it ideal for the avid sport fishing enthusiast. Most fishers here find themselves catching Atlantic snook and tarpon. The conditions for great fishing are top-notch year round, so fishers can visit on their own schedule. Parismina is a remote area, which means it can be an expensive place to visit. However, a fisher’s money will be well spent here not just because of the great fish they can catch, but also because it is home to a number of all-inclusive fishing resorts. All-inclusive visiting means that you don’t have to worry about or focus on anything other than fishing.


Of course, the thing that sport fishers care most about is what kinds of fish they can catch. Well, in Limón mackerel, barracuda, and jack crevalle can all be caught inshore. If you’re fishing offshore, you’re likely to find lots of marlin, sailfish and tuna. This diverse area also offers fishing off the rivers of Barra del Colorado, where you’ll find bluegill, machaca and rainbow bass. Don’t forget that the Barra del Colorado is a refuge with a mission to protect the fish in the area. If you’re fishing here, there is a strict catch and release policy that must be followed.

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