Tourist Bus Companies in Alajuela

When traveling to another country, it can be confusing when getting around. In Costa Rica, a good option for sightseeing the best places is taking a tourist bus. Alajuela has a good network of roads, because it is so close to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. The roads are in good condition and take you to some of the most picturesque locations across the province. Traveling by bus is a safe and affordable way to tour the region.

Tourist buses can take you to the main tourist attractions and destinations. A tourist bus is convenient, because the drivers know the best routes and let you sit back and enjoy the countryside. Your luggage is secure, making sure your trip is peaceful and hassle-free. Every bus has a fixed, routine departure and arrival schedule, which means you’ll get to your next destination on time. It’s a nice way to enjoy a tranquil and peaceful escape.

Drivers and guides are bilingual, allowing tourists to learn more about each location from professionals who know. Children and senior citizens get a discount, which make tourist buses a great way for families to enjoy an eco-adventure trip, shopping stop or sightseeing excursion. With plush and roomy seating, your ride will be comfortable.

Places to See By Bus

Bus tours in Alajuela can take you to many places in the region. Many tours feature multiple stops for shopping or sightseeing. Here are some of the places you could visit:

San Ramon

San Ramon is a small town northwest of San Jose, known for coffee and cigars. The pace is relaxing. Saturday mornings are great times to visit, to enjoy the farmer’s market. The town has some rich history and architecture.


Grecia might be fairly small, but there are many restaurants and stores for visitors that give you a taste of traditional Costa Rican flavors. It’s also home to some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere. If you’re not squeamish about snakes, make sure to visit the World of Snakes.


This small town is the namesake of the Greek capital. It’s surrounded by mountains and coffee plantations, but it’s most known for its central park. Tourists can expect to see parrots and toucans in the trees in the park. Make sure to try the toronjas rellenas, stuffed grapefruits, which are a popular local dessert.


Sarchi is a small town that neighbors Grecia It is most known for its arts and crafts, especially traditional ox carts. If you’re looking for a special souvenir of your Costa Rican getaway, this is the place to shop for it.

Poas Volcano

Poas Volcano is about 90 minutes away from downtown San Jose. It’s a very popular day trip for tourists because it offers a stunning view of the volcano from the visitor’s center. It is the largest active volcano in the world. The best time to view it is in the morning, before the clouds move in.

La Fortuna de San Carlos

Arenal Volcano was Costa Rica’s most active volcano until 2010. You can easily see the volcano from the town square of La Fortuna. The volcano is still considered active, but has not erupted since December 2010. It is closely monitored for the safety of the area. This town has some of the best resort spas in the area. At night, you can often see bright red rocks tumbling down the side of the volcano.

Arenal Volcano Natl. Park

This area features fishing, spas, nature walks and more. Taking a bus tour to the location gives you the chance to do exactly what interests you without spending hours making reservations, getting directions and finding the right place.

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