Car Rental Agencies in South Puntarenas

Costa Rica’s Southern Puntarenas region is a great area to explore. This province is fairly remote, and it even has an outback-type of feel to it. It is recommended that you fly to southern Costa Rica as it will save you some travel time and offer you much comfort and peace.

If you do choose to drive to this southern region, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Driving in this region does offer travelers a great opportunity to see the rugged and pristine natural beauty of South Puntarenas, but it is certainly not for the faint of heart. Most of the roads in this part of the province are just plain dirt tracks, and offer a real challenge for inexperienced drivers. On top of that, if you aren’t familiar with the area or traveling with a guide, it can be easy to get stuck or lost. A misstep during your driving in South Puntarenas could cost you some serious time – when you could be out exploring all that Costa Rica has to offer – and could also end up costing you some money. If you damage the car, you’ll have extra fees, and if you get stuck or delayed you might have to cancel previously made reservations for flights and hotels at a cost.

That being said, there is someone that is interested in everything, and those with truly adventurous hearts might find themselves intrigued by the challenge. If you aren’t the type that gets car sick on a long bumpy ride, then you might actually find driving through this region to be fun, and it could be the highlight of your Costa Rica trip. To rent a car in Costa Rica, you’ll just need to provide a credit card and a valid driver’s license.

Renting a Car in South Puntarenas

Since not many people choose to drive in this region, you will find that it is not as easy to rent a car here as it is in some of the more popular and crowded provinces. If you are looking to rent your car while you are in South Puntarenas, you will only have one option for car rental companies. You’ll find it in Puerto Jimenez, the largest town on the Osa Peninsula. Providing easy access to the stunning Corcovado National Park, Puerto Jimenez also offers a quick ferry ride to the sport fishing town of Golfito. It’s a great place to stop off and explore before getting your rental car and starting the rest of your journey.

If you plan to rent your car before reaching South Puntarenas, you should plan to do so in San Jose. This popular area has no shortage of car rental agencies, so you’ll have your choice of which car to get.

Another reason you might want to rent your car in San Jose in advance is because you will have to rent a vehicle with four-wheel drive since it is the only kind that can navigate this part of the country, especially during the rainy season. A vehicle with four-wheel drive should be booked in advance as these vehicles get rented out pretty quickly, especially during peak tourist season and local holidays.

Many car rental companies will work with you and offer to drop off rental vehicles to the destination of your choice, but usually charge a fee for this service. Four-wheel drive vehicle cars are more expensive to rent than normal cars, and you can expect to pay at least $500 a week (US) to rent a car to explore the southern region of the Puntarenas province.

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