Bajos del Toro, Alajuela

Toro Waterfall
Toro Waterfall

Days in Bajos del Toro can be as lazy as the winding flow of the nearby Rio Segundo, or as exciting as the bursting torrent of a waterfall fed by an extinct volcano.

Discover one of the hidden gems of Costa Rica tucked away in a valley between extinct volcanoes, and experience the richness of life immersed in Bajos del Toro’s forests and trails.

Situated near a number of popular tourist destinations and nature reserves, Bajos del Toro offers entertainment, scenery, and vistas to satisfy anyone’s tastes.

Discover the Splendor of Cataratas del Toro Waterfall

A visit to the Cataratas del Toro, the most stunning waterfall in Costa Rica, is an experience you’ll never forget.

The waterfall plunges down cliffs streaked in vivid color and splashes into a pool of gorgeous blue water framed by lushly burgeoning greenery.

A hike around the waterfall can reward even the hardiest adventurer with a strenuous climb, while offering an on-the-ground view of flourishing plant and animal life. You may even see a puma — but be careful not to get too close!

The name “Bajos del Toro” means “low bull,” and facing down the cataract of a massive waterfall can feel like facing down a charging bull.

There’s nothing like looking at the power of nature head-on to create a deep sense of awe and wonder for the natural forces powering hundreds upon thousands of gallons of water plunging through gravity in an endless flood.

Explore Poás Volcano National Park

Situated in the heart of an extinct volcano, Poás Volcano National Park extends over 16,000 acres.

Guided tours and trail hikes can take visitors all the way to the edge of a volcanic crater that stretches an impressive 950 feet deep.

Experience the species native to the national park, including the Bangs’s mountain squirrel, the resplendent quetzal, the toucan, the clay-colored robin, and the Poás magnolia tree.

The Poás Volcano National Park is a dream for any bird-watcher, with numerous exciting photo opportunities and the chance to interact with species found nowhere else in the world.

Immerse yourself in a Unique Ecosystem

One of Costa Rica’s greatest attractions is the natural biodiversity of plants and animals abundant throughout the country, and in Bajos del Toro you’ll be able to enjoy not only the natural beauty of splendid vistas, but the wide array of wildlife.

The waterfalls, streams, and pools nurture a unique ecological niche specific to the Bajos del Toro region, creating a biosphere captivating to eco-tourists and travelers alike.

One such fascinating attraction is the sombrillas, or umbrella plants, found at the base of the Cataratas del Toro. Unlike other umbrella plants, these have leaves that appear scorched and ragged about the edges.

The waterfall’s torrent picks up a high level of acid content as it flows from the Poás Volcano; the water’s acidity eats away at the leaves as it splashes to give them their distinctive “burned” look.

Take in the Relaxing Atmosphere

Bajos del Toro’s location between the Poás and Viejo Volcanoes lends itself to a tropical rainforest environment.

The typically damp, rainy climate makes for a soothing atmosphere of gentle mists and clouded skies, away from harsher, more sunny climes. The quiet calm of the environment can offer a break from the fast-paced life of the traveling tourist, allowing you to slow down, breathe, and let the rain chase away the vivid Costa Rican heat.

Bajos del Toro isn’t too far off the beaten path, with roadways offering easy travel from Arenal and other local cities.

There’s nothing to hold you back from experiencing the beauty of the countryside firsthand, and exploring the many fascinating riches that Bajos del Toro has to offer.

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Things to Do near Bajos del Toro

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