Waterfalls of Costa Rica - Photo Gallery

Water is essential to Costa Rica, and has added to the country’s beauty.

If you’ve ever wondered how you might feel if you were mid-air, kayaking over a waterfall, check out our Costa Rica waterfall photo gallery.

These images are so vivid; you’ll probably even think you feel a refreshing mist of water splashing your face.

Whether you are looking to view a waterfall from a bridge on a hike, or become a part of the cascade through kayaking, there are big and small waterfalls across Costa Rica that will please all levels of adventurers.

The waterfalls in this beautiful country can be seen streaming over river rocks, or spraying out from through the trees.

If you’ve never seen a waterfall before, this photo gallery is going to make you want to head out to Costa Rica to see one in person!

Waterfalls help keep the waters of Costa Rica flowing, which in turn help provide renewable, hydro-electric energy to the country.

Not only are the waterfalls beautiful and a source of leisure and sport activities, they are also an undeniable resource for the country’s local population.

Once again, nature takes the front seat in Costa Rica, proving that beauty can be useful.

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