Guápiles, Limón

Guápiles is one of Costa Rica's most popular cities and it sits within the country's banana growing region. Located right near the central highlands and Caribbean coast, it is the first major town when you travel along Highway 32 as you go towards Puerto Limón or to San José. Thanks to its tropical, lush landscape and many adventure opportunities, Limón Costa Rica is a great place to travel to during your next Costa Rican adventure.

Best Hotels in Guápiles

An Introduction to the Area

Guápiles is close to the Costa Rica Caribbean as well as the country's capitol – San José. Because it is just 60 kilometers northeast of the capitol, it has become somewhat busy and today, many services and shopping centers can be found along the main streets of the city.

The city is also situated near a number of Costa Rica national parks and ecological reserves, which makes it an ideal destination for those who are interested in exploring the country's incredible beauty and diverse wildlife. Because the city has grown over the years, there are also more lodging facilities available to travelers. As a result, more and more resources are being dedicated to eco-tourism, which makes the city more than just a place to stay when people travel to nearby reserves and parks.

What to Explore

In addition to its many wellness centers and resorts, visitors are encouraged to stop by the agricultural market on Saturdays. This market showcases some of the country's finest produce grown by nearby farmers.

While visitors may find quite a bit to do in the actual city of Guápiles, tourists should also consider making a trip to the area's nearby national parks, which include the following:

Braulio Carrillo National Park—This national park is home to many dormant volcanos, primary cloud rainforests, and crater lakes. This park, which was established in 1978, covers 500 square kilometers and features many different ecological habitats. Those who visit can see 600 identified species of trees, 135 different mammals, and 520 different species of birds.

Tortuguero National Park—This national park can only be reached by either boat or airplane. One of the most popular national parks in the country, its large annual rainfall and humid tropical climate lend itself to incredible biodiversity. There are more than 2,000 plant species present and tourists can see crocodiles, jaguars, spider monkeys, and a variety of turtle species in the park.

Another popular activity visitors can try is ziplining over the rainforest's canopy. Many activity centers offer this activity and travelers can make their way shortly out of the city boundaries to experience this type of exciting adventure.

In addition to adventuring in the nearby rainforest, visitors can also try taking a trip to one of the area's nearby botanical gardens. From colored orchids to other types of flowers and fauna native to the region, travelers will be astounded by the number of plants they are able to witness in one environment. Other activities tourists may want to try include going to some of the area's ecological gardens, spending time at some of the city's wellness centers, and trying some of the country's unique and delicious cuisines at local restaurants.

Getting to the City

After arriving in San José, visitors to the country can get to Guápiles either by driving or taking a bus. From the capitol, it takes about an hour to get to this thriving city. Those who decide to come from the Caribbean side of Costa Rica can jump on Highway 32 going west from Puerto Limón straight to Guápiles. Whatever way visitors get there, they can enjoy beautiful views during their travels and once they get to their destination.

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Where to Stay near Guápiles

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Ara Ambigua Lodge
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Pachira Lodge Tortuguero
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Hotel El Bambú
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Laguna Lodge Tortuguero
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Things to Do near Guápiles

Featured Activity
Veragua Rainforest Research & Adventure Park
Starting at $65 / person