Barra del Colorado, Limón

Located at the northern edge of Costa Rica near the border of Nicaragua, the town of Barra del Colorado is a hidden gem ripe with natural landscapes and outdoor adventure opportunities. Barra del Colorado is 35 kilometers north of Tortuguero, a popular destination for many travelers. As one of the most remote areas of Costa Rica, Barra del Colorado is the perfect destination for travelers who want to truly escape from the bustle of daily life. This unique community doesn't feature a lot of amenities like metropolitan areas do, but instead travelers should expect to get a little rough and outdoorsy here. But with the untouched nature that surrounds the region, travelers should have no problem giving up modern amenities.

Barra del Colorado is known for its hot and humid weather, as much of the landscape is comprised of tropical forests, swamp lands, and fluvial islands. Barra del Colorado Wildlife refuge, which is a major attraction for travelers, is the largest refuge in Costa Rica with more than 31 miles of rivers, canals, lagoons and marshlands. In fact, the village is divided by the Rio Colorado. Many people here choose to get around with a kayak or canoe, which makes it easier to get to and from lodges.

The small town of Barra consists of a few homes, a local shopping mart, souvenir store and a small airstrip for those coming in by plane. Most areas of this town are connected by simple dirt roads, which is why many people who come here simply choose to stay in all-inclusive resorts.

What To Do

One of the most popular reasons why people travel here is the fishing. Barra del Colorado has been voted as one of the top places in the world to sport fish, as the Rio Colorado is an angler's delight as the many lagoons and other bodies of water lend to the ideal fishing conditions.

Fishing lodges are abundant here, as avid fishermen travel from far and wide to experience the world-class sportfishing of the area. This is the only place in Costa Rica where you can cast a line and reel in a 100-plus-pound tarpon at any point in the year. The unique system of water here is ideal for monster tarpon and snook.

Wildlife is also abundant here due to the landscape and remote nature of the area. Keel-billed toucans, caimans, crocodiles, monkeys and iguanas are well-populated here, and lucky travelers may catch a glimpse of the elusive West Indian manatee. This gentle creature roams around the canals, rivers and lagoons, but it is very endangered.

Getting to Barra del Colorado

Because of the abundance of water in the area, Barra is actually only accessible via boat or plane. Nature Air or Sansa airlines both reach the area and come from San Jose. Flights will take about 35 minutes if they are direct from the capital.

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Things to Do near Barra del Colorado

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