Barra del Colorado Domestic Airport, Limon

Costa Rica River
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Barra del Colorado lies near the mouth of the Rio Colorado inside the Barra del Colorado Refuge. Sitting on Costa Rica’s gorgeous Northern Caribbean Coast, this isolated tiny village is almost impossible to reach, unless you get here by plane. There are no roads leading to the village, as outside it the surrounding area is dense and swampy.

This airport is serviced by charter only. With no regular boat service here as well, flying out is your only option. Many hotels have their own private charter airline service for guests to reach here.

Situated in the largest wildlife refuge in the country, Barra del Colorado is remote and expensive to visit. However, it is well worth it with the stunning virgin topical forests, and spectacular wildlife to be seen in the area.

A birdwatchers paradise, this area is also known for its great inland fishing as well as deep sea sport fishing opportunities. Near the Nicaraguan border with Costa Rica, you can also head on to Nicaragua by boat from here.