Barra del Colorado Domestic Airport, Limón

Costa Rica River

Visiting Costa Rica means having to pick and choose which sights to see, because there is so much to do. For those who come to the country for the natural views, wildlife, and the opportunity to see unique Central American biomes, Barra del Colorado serves as a must-see destination.

About the Location

The Refugio Barra del Colorado is the largest nature preserve in the country, covering much of its northern land area and bordering on both the Caribbean Sea and part of the province of Heredia. Its eastern section also extends considerably to the south, making it easily accessible from nearby towns in other provinces. On the west side it ends further to the north.

Barra del Colorado itself sits in the northeast part of the preserve and makes up one of only two major towns in the preserve area. It is accessible through the Barra del Colorado domestic airport only. There’s no regular boat service to or from the town itself, despite its location on the coast. Travelers making reservations in Barra del Colorado will find that most of the hotels provide charter air travel of their own to assist guests coming in and out.

About the Airport

The domestic airport in town serves as the locale’s only point of contact with the more developed parts of Costa Rica’s infrastructure, because the natural preserve is large enough and well-maintained enough to prevent many other routes of travel. While many hotels and resorts maintain planes for the use of their guests, there are no commercial flights to or from the airport. This means that if you are looking to travel to or from the airport without making arrangements through a hotel or resort in the area, you will need to find yourself another charter service to connect you to travel to and from town.

Activities in Barra del Colorado

The town itself features a small store and several homes, but not much night life. It is very small, and most of the roads are simple dirt roads, which is why most travelers choose to stay in one of the all-inclusive resorts in the area. The biggest draw to the area is its fishing, the area has been voted as one of the best in the world for it, and sport fishers from all around flock here to get the chance to say they fished the Barra area. The most well-known trophy fish in the area are tarpon and snook, and due to the unique climate, it’s one of the few places in the world where you can cast out and land a 100 lb. tarpon at any time of year.

The wildlife refuge is also home to a number of natural wonders that include rivers, canals, lagoons, and marshlands for outdoors adventuring types to explore. If you are looking for a chance to see Costa Rica in its most beautiful natural splendor, your most accessible source for lodgings will be in and around Barra del Colorado.

Making Reservations for Travel

While it is possible to line up your own charter if you have reason to, the relative lack of amenities for travelers in and around town is an obstacle that leads many to opt for the all-inclusive resorts. If you’re looking at making use of one of these resorts during your stay, you will want to contact their reservation service about their charter plane options. That will tell you whether or not you’re going to need to make your own separate charter reservations, because it will tell you whether or not the offerings available will suit your needs. Since there is no other regular transportation service to the area, it’s important to start working on that right away.

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Things to Do near Barra del Colorado Domestic Airport

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