Playa Panamá, Guanacaste

Located within Bahía Culebra or Snake Bay in the scenic Gulf of Papagayo in the Gunacaste Province, Playa Panama is one of the most attractive beaches in Guanacaste province.

With close proximity to Liberia and the Daniel Oduber International Airport, Panama beach is accessible all year round through a new road that has been opened connecting the beach directly with Liberia.

Laidback Beaches

A five-minute drive from the fabulous beaches of Playa Hermosa and Playas del Coco, Playa Panama offers tourists stunning ocean views and laidback beaches that are within close range of some of the country’s best national parks, such as the Refugio Costa Esmeralda and the Marino las Baulas de Guanacaste.

A key feature of this beach is also that it lies close to the airport; with international flights regularly landing from cities such as Hawaii, Houston, Atlanta, Madrid and Toronto.

Great Swimming

A typical inner bay beach, Playa Panama has slate grey sand and beautiful blue waters, making it very visually appealing.

Having no rocks, this beach is one of the best places to swim as the currents here are not strong, and the tide often remains quite low.

Around two kilometers in length, Playa Panama is surrounded by a tropical forest of sarno, brazilwood, manchineel mesquite and Panama trees and shrubs. However, there are only a few Panama trees found here nowadays.

Perfect Relaxation

Relatively a tranquil and private area, Playa Panama is one of the friendliest places on the northern Guanacaste shores, as locals here mix easily with visitors to create an environment that is perfect for those who want some peace and quiet.

Ideal for tourists who enjoy sunbathing, long walks along the shore, and a tranquil atmosphere, Playa Panama also has a range of luxury resorts and condominiums as well as affordable accommodations.

Nearby the beach is the grand Four Seasons Hotel with its Arnold Palmer championship golf course.

The presence of this hotel alone makes Playa Panama a frequent hot spot for the rich and famous.


The amenities here are top notch, and there are many local restaurants, bars and shopping areas just a stone's throw away.

With prefect weather, most of the year, this beach is excellent for all kinds of water sports and fishing.

Snorkeling, kayaking and sailing are also popular here.

When at the beach don’t forget to visit the Rocha estuary with its lovely mangrove and the nearby tropical dry forest, both of which are within walking distance from the shore.

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