Playa Pan de Azucar, Guanacaste

Playa Pan de Azucar - Sugar Beach
Playa Pan de Azucar - Sugar Beach
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Sitting along the stunning coastlines of Guanacaste, Playa Pan de Azucar overlooks the Pacific Ocean and has remained one of the most secluded and pristine shorelines in Costa Rica. Often referred to as Sugar Beach, Playa Pan de Azucar is dripping with natural beauty and fauna, as travelers will quickly notice - the air is filled with the chirps of native birds and the howling of monkeys. Named one of Costa Rica's best beaches, Sugar Beach is an ideal place to escape the crowds of more common hotspots along the shorelines. With Hotel Sugar Beach being the only large property on the beach, travelers will love the privacy and calm waters of this white-sand beach.

Activities at Sugar Beach

Playa Pan de Azucar is a great place for aquatic activities, since the water is fairly calm, especially on the north side of the beach. Although the swell is known to get fairly big, the waters remain safe for swimming and snorkeling. Nearby Playa Penca can be reached with a short walk to the south, and it is another great place for swimming.One of the most intriguing aspects of Playa Pan de Azucar is the small lush islands as well as the forest in the background of the white sand.

Nature at the Beach

Playa Pan de Azucar is also rich with flora and fauna, and is home to a large population of howler monkeys, black iguanas, magpie jays and trogons. Sugar Beach is truly a place for relaxation. Boasting a predominately dry tropical climate and bright blue skies, Playa Pan de Azucar is an ideal location for a romantic getaway, honeymoon or anniversary. Because of the opportunities for recreation, visitors will still get to experience the one-on-one nature activities that have made Costa Rica a bustling tourist destination.

Getting Here

The beach can be accessed by nearby road that runs through Playa Potrero, but there isn't density of civilization in the surrounding area. However, Playa Flamingo is just a short drive away from Sugar Beach. This crescent-strip of picturesque white sand has long been considered one of the most sophisticated beaches in Costa Rica. It is now home to vibrant nightlife and popular marina. Although this beach still maintains its charm, it has become much more frequented for tourists and serves better as a day trip for visitors of Playa Pan de Azucar.
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