Parismina, Limón

Costa Rica River

Few places offer as rich and interesting an experience as Parismina, an isolated village with a unique take on culture and a number of enthralling local attractions. Visit Parismina to discover a new side to Costa Rica and gain a vivid experience like no other.

A Curious History

The name of the village, Parismina, is said to have evolved from a fascinating local legend. It’s said the village’s history began with a pregnant woman who, during her travels down the Caribbean coast, found herself going into labor. Where she stopped to give birth, her companion said, “Aqui pares, Mina,” or “Here you give birth, Mina.” And so the legend of Mina gave birth to the village of Parismina, where it is said she settled as its founder.

Try a Home Stay

For an immersive experience in Parismina’s culture and community, take advantage of the many locals who willingly open their homes to visitors. You will be embraced as part of the family and part of the community as you experience a day in the life of a Parismina villager and their family. When you’re ready to explore, a local guide can take you on a boat tour of the area.

Adventures in Sport Fishing

If you enjoy fishing for sport and have a competitive side, Parismina offers a haven for sport fishermen seeking their next angling challenge. A brief boat ride offers access to high-end, luxurious fishing lodges within easy distance of the best fishing spots. Get your tackle and gear ready, and head out to see what you can catch!

Off the Beaten Path

Reaching Parismina can be a bit of a feat, but it’s worth the effort. The village can only be reached by airplane or boat, with its remote location situated at the midpoint between Tortuguero and Limón on the northern Caribbean coast. Access issues have left this village an undiscovered secret by many, just waiting to be treasured. One such secret is the swimming lagoon of Barrita, south of the local beaches. Barrita offers refreshing, cool waters on even the hottest day, and a picturesque spot for picnics.

Fascinating Variances in Culture and Language

With its near-complete isolation, Parismina has developed its own culture and traditions that combine Costa Rican history and language with a unique dialect and Caribbean-influenced food. Incorporating Caribbean traditions into daily life, the 600 people of Parismina have evolved into a unique, vibrant culture of their own with fascinating links to multiple ethnic and traditional roots.

An Eco-Tourist’s Paradise

One of the primary functions of Parismina -- and equally one of the most fascinating parts of village life – is the conservation of local protected species, including hawksbill, loggerhead, leatherback, and green sea turtles. A local conservation group, Save the Turtles of Parismina, works with the villagers on a daily basis to conserve and protect these species.

For more ecological wonders, enjoy bird watching with the unique species attracted to Parismina’s wetlands and rainforests. Catch a glimpse of spoonbills, toucans, sloths, and howler monkeys, or venture deeper for more access to Parismina’s undiscovered wildlife. Local guides can even point you to the best spots to capture a good shot and observe animals in their natural habitats.

Come to Parismina

While Costa Rica is known for beautiful biodiversity, there’s little to match the diversity of experiences in Parismina. Whether you’re a fisher, a tourist, a photographer or a historian you’ll find something to capture and keep your interest in every niche of the village and surrounding areas. Take a vacation to Parismina and spend your time soaking up the local culture and traditions and make this unique part of Costa Rica a part of your heart that you’ll never forget.

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