Parismina, Limon

Costa Rica River
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Situated approximately halfway between the cities of Tortuguero and Limon on Costa Rica's northern Caribbean coast, Parismina is a village of approximately 600 people that can only be accessed via airplane or boat.

Located in the province of Limon, Parismina is known for its eco-tourism and sport fishing, both of which provide the foundation for the community's economy. The people of Parismina are known for their unique culture that includes its own local dialect and a number of traditional Caribbean traditions and dishes.

According to local legend, the village was founded by a pregnant woman named Mina who was heading down the Caribbean coast. When it came time for Mina to have the baby, her traveling companion uttered the phrase "Aqui pares, Mina" ("Here you give birth, Mina"), for which the village was named.

While there are only a few guest houses and hotels located in the community itself, there are plenty of more high-end fishing lodges located just a short boat ride away from Parismina, giving visitors excellent access to sport fishing in the area. Homestays, which give tourists a unique glimpse into traditional Costa Rican life are also a wonderful way to experience life in the community.

Visitors to the community are welcomed by the local residents to participate in village life, which often includes assisting in the conservation of treasured turtle species and working on the local farms. The leatherback, hawksbill, loggerhead and green sea turtles can all be viewed near the Parismina River and the Save the Turtles of Parismina Association helps to protect these animals.

Another exciting activity for any visitor to Parismina is birdwatching, as the wetlands and rainforest surrounding the community make for a perfect place to witness some of Costa Rica's impressive wildlife diversity. Toucans and spoonbills, as well as other animals such as the howler monkey and sloth, can all be seen throughout the small village. Travelers looking to relax are also encouraged to hire a local guide and take a boat tour along the canals of the Parismina River.

While the closest beach to Parismina is somewhat rough and can prove difficult for swimmers and surfers, a small swimming lagoon called Barrita is situated just south of the beach and is a popular destination for those looking to take a refreshing dip or enjoy a relaxing picnic by the water.