San Gerardo de Rivas, San José

Relish in a Tropical Mojito after a long forest hike
Relish in a Tropical Mojito after a long forest hike

Nature lovers can’t get enough of San Gerardo de Rivas, one of Costa Rica’s smaller villages and a hidden wonder you don’t want to miss. Eco-tourists and vacationers alike will find wonders to marvel at among beautiful scenic landscapes like no other in the world. Hardly touched by mankind for centuries, San Gerardo de Rivas has been left to blossom in its natural, unspoiled beauty, waiting to be discovered and appreciated by true nature lovers who admire the sprawling mountain vistas, rich grassy landscapes, and rustic atmosphere of the tiny town.

Get Rugged With Isolated Trails

If you love hiking mountain trails and testing the limits of your endurance, you’ll want to test yourself against Mount Chirripó. Part of the Talamanca Mountain range that embraces San Gerardo de Rivas in its valleys and peaks, Mount Chirripó is the tallest mountain in Costa Rica and a popular attraction for hikers and mountain climbers. There’s a challenge for even the most seasoned outdoorsman, turning the mountains into an exhilarating adrenaline rush and the triumph of victory when you crest the peaks of the trails and reach your destination.

One of your top challenges, however, will be in getting to San Gerardo de Rivas in the first place. A scenic trail through Cartago and Cerro de la Muerte winds through the mountains for hours, offering visitors a chance to breathe in the ambience on the way from San José to this isolated village. San Isidro offers a shorter drive, but rougher terrain over rocky dirt roads and hills – which for some, is part of the fun!

<2>Take in Tico Culture

The remote isolation of San Gerardo de Rivas means that Tico culture continues to thrive untouched and with very little outside influence. Take in the authentic experience of native Costa Rican life by interacting with the locals and learning to appreciate our customs, our food, our language, and our culture.

Come for the Atmosphere, Stay for the Coffee

San Gerardo de Rivas follows the traditions of many other small local villages by producing coffee beans in its rich, nutrient-heavy soil, nurtured by the humid climate. In the village you can learn about coffee production and the fascinating history of the region, or try the aromatic, strong local blends to expand your coffee palate and discover your new favorite brew.

Get Lost in Nature With Eco-Tourism

One of the most beautiful places to explore in San Gerardo de Rivas is the Chirripo River Valley. Home to Chirripó National Park, the valley is a natural wonderland of scenic vistas and photo opportunities. Take a day trip to walk through the valley and discover hidden pockets of beauty, and enjoy the serenity of nature while surrounding yourself with unique flora and wildlife varied enough to fascinate even the most discerning tourist.

Another vital place to explore is the Cloudbridge Nature Preserve, with a bursting array of lovely flowers that boast some of the most beautiful orchids in the world. Go bird-watching among the trees and rolling hills, or take in the breathtaking beauty of the nature preserve’s many natural waterfalls and cascades.

What are you waiting for? Your mountainside paradise awaits in San Gerardo de Rivas, one of the most beautiful and best-kept secrets of Costa Rica. Your vacation isn’t complete until you’ve watched the sun rise over the Talamanca Mountains, and experienced the breathtaking awe of nature firsthand while standing beneath a Costa Rican sky.

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