Boca de Arenal, Alajuela

Boca de Arenal is a land of stunning views. Although there are many private homes and vacation rentals in the community, with the Arenal Volcano in its backyard, there isn't a bad "seat" in the area! This affluent community boasts private pure water lakes for vacationers to enjoy aquatic activities, like water skiing. Ideal for a tropical getaway or a romantic vacation, Boca de Arenal is a quiet and relaxing locale far from the hustle and bustle of other tourist destinations in Costa Rica. Travelers can immerse themselves in nature here, where the only sound of traffic in the air is that of the local birds in flight.

Arenal Volcano National Park

One of the main attractions of the Boca de Arenal area is its close proximity to Costa Rica's most magnificent volcano: Arenal. While the views are an attraction in and of themselves, within an hour visitors of Boca de Arenal can be within Arenal Volcano National Park. Located in the central region of the country, Arenal Volcano was once the country's most active volcano and it put on a light show nearly every night. Small bursts of lava could be seen for miles. It has been very quite since 2010, but scientists do believe it is still alive – they say it's just "resting."

La Fortuna

Looking for some vibrant nightlife or an eclectic dining experience? Boca de Arenal travelers should head to La Fortuna, where restaurants and fresh markets line the streets. Considered one of the top travel destinations in the country, the La Fortuna area offers a wide array of outdoor activities and attractions, including the La Fortuna Waterfall, Arenal hanging bridges, Arenal Lake, Venado Caves, Arenal Hot Springs and canyoning down one of the many near waterfalls. Within one small area of Costa Rica, travelers can experience some of the greatest features of the country.

Venado Caves

The Venado Caves, located just east of the Arenal Volcano National Park, were formed 15 to 20 million years ago. Discovered by the native Guatusos, the caves were formed by limestone drippings which created stalactites, limestone stones, stalagmites and chorales. Although travelers should expect to get fairly dirty climbing through holes and scaling walls of the caves, this once in a lifetime adventure is worth the temporary grime.

Vacationers looking for a laid-back place to bask in the lush greenery and stunning views of Costa Rica should look no further than Boca de Arenal. Centrally located, Boca de Arenal puts travelers in a prime spot to explore all the natural wonders of the country.

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Where to Stay near Boca de Arenal

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Arenal Country Inn
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Essence Arenal and Spa
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Hotel La Fortuna
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Things to Do near Boca de Arenal

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Waterfall, Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs Tour
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