Tony Jiménez

Woman wood sculpture by Tony Jimenez courtesy of
Woman wood sculpture by Tony Jimenez courtesy of

If you’re planning a visit to Costa Rica, there are many different activities you can take part in besides the typical, such as going to the beach, exploring volcanoes and seeing the exotic wildlife and jungle. Costa Rica is also home to a variety of cultural experiences that can give tourists a better understanding of the traditions and future of Costa Rica culture. Many visitors to this beautiful Central American country are taken aback by the numerous opportunities to learn about the culture through Costa Rica art. You can see a variety of different types of pieces and movements that span the history of this land and get better insight into the people and their values. One of the most important artists you should check out is Costa Rican native, Tony Jiménez. He is a sculptor who is taking the modern art scene into new directions with his iconic process and use of materials.

About the Artist

Tony Jiménez first started getting noticed in the visual arts scene at the age of 19. Born in the Guanacaste area of Costa Rica in February 1978, Jiménez has been crafting his talent ever since. Today, he enjoys being one of the top sculptors in the region and a reason for art lovers to visit this part of Costa Rica.

Explore Unique Art

You can get a complete artistic education about Tony Jiménez and his pieces by visiting his gallery. The gallery is in the town of Guayabo in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. It is scenically positioned along gorgeous, lush green hills near Miravalles Volcano. The gallery is also home to other modern artists from Costa Rica to give you and your party a refreshing look at this area’s unique visual arts scene.

A Different Perspective

When you tour the art gallery in Guayabo, you’ll see a completely new artistic perspective. Jiménez has taken the process of sculpting and creating three-dimensional pieces into a completely new direction. He is most known for his use of different types of materials to give audiences and art lovers a glimpse into his perspective and mind. Here is a taste of what you could see during your gallery visit:

  • Wood – Jiménez’s signature style is his use of wood in his sculptures. Jiménez has always strived to only use wood that has naturally fallen instead of opting for commercially harvested materials. He uses many different types of wood in his pieces, such as rosewood, corteza and black wood.
  • Chains – Jiménez also uses chains in some of his pieces. Sometimes he will pair the smoothness of wood with the stark, industrial look that comes with chains to achieve artistic contrast.
  • Wire – Wire is another characteristic raw material used in Jiménez’s sculptures. The use of wire helps Jiménez create texture and a focused topic.
  • Stone – Stone is also a common material in Jiménez’s pieces. Like wood, stone can give the sculpted pieces a smooth, soft appeal.

The Pieces

Other than the common use of materials, Jiménez’s handcrafted work also has a deep running theme. Most of his sculptures present maternal figures or some aspect of motherhood. His use of wood and stone has helped him create durable sculptures that seem timeless. His finishing techniques have also helped create beautiful pieces that highlight texture, fluidity, opposing ideas and movement.

Recognition and Achievements

Besides being featured in his gallery in Guayabo, Jiménez has had his work exhibited in various other places. In 2002, he was featured at the National Symposium of Sculptors in Barva. He was also awarded an honorable mention at the Biennial of Sculpture in the National Gallery.

Costa Rica is a country rich in scenic beauty. You can also find more beyond the outdoors if you go a little deeper and look at the exciting artistic scene. Tony Jiménez’s visual style can show you something a little different about this wild and special country.

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