Take a sip of a traditional drink

Delicious Costa Rican Fruit Refresco
Delicious Costa Rican Fruit Refresco

Visiting a new area means you should immerse yourself as much as possible into the local food and drink scene. Instead of hitting the familiar favorites, such as fast food spots or restaurants that focus on American-style dishes, it’s much more rewarding to eat and drink like a local and truly experience Costa Rica culture. One of the most important aspects of Costa Rica gastronomy is drinking. Hundreds of years of history and an eclectic mix of cultures have created a unique menu of Costa Rica drinks. A visit to this area is not complete if you haven’t sampled some of the local flavors. You can pair your favorite Costa Rica beverage with some of the local dishes to truly get an idea of what life is like in this amazing country.

Refreshing Spirits

Alcohol and liquor have been a part of the Costa Rican daily life and culture ever since colonial times. The natural resources of the area and the unique history of the region have influenced the types of spirits that are common here. Sugar cane, which has been a significant crop in Costa Rica for centuries, has inspired this area’s national liquor, guaro. Guaro can be sipped alone for its slightly sweet taste, or it can be mixed with other ingredients, such as juice or soda for a refreshing treat on a hot summer day. Today, guaro production is controlled by the government. There is one approved guaro producer, Fabrica Nacional de Licores, which manufactures Cacique Guaro.

Cooling Flavors

Costa Rica’s temperate climate makes it a perfect place to enjoy chilled or frozen drinks. Visitors to the region can find many different vendors selling a popular treat, refrescos. Refrescos are a non-alcoholic drink that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. They are made by combining a fruit blend with either sweetened water or milk. Some of the most popular flavors of refrescos include watermelon, passion fruit, strawberry, blackberry, guanabana and cas. If you want something even more refreshing, try looking for a granizado. This drink is made by blending fruity syrup, sugar and shaved ice. The end result is a sweet and fruity smoothie type beverage that can instantly cool you down when the temperatures get too high.

Sweet Sips

The local Costa Rican population has a sweet tooth when it comes to their preferred beverages, which may be related to the country’s history as a big sugar cane producer. If you want to experience even more sweet sips, you can try another traditional Costa Rican drink, horchata. This beverage has a unique flavor profile and texture since it is made with either rice or cornmeal. The sweet taste of horchata comes from the cinnamon flavor that is commonly added.

Gastronomic Delights

Another traditional beverage that can be sampled in this part of Central America is called agua dulce. For many years, this was a common drink among Costa Rican farm workers. It can be made quickly and cheaply by mixing water and a boiled sugar cane juice. Traditionally, the farm workers would sip the beverage to get a quick burst of energy during a hot day of work.

Relaxing Brews

If beer is more your style, you’re in luck. Local beer tends to be the most inexpensive. The most popular local beer producer in Costa Rica is called Imperial. Imperial is a dark lager that is similar in taste to Dos Equis. If you want a lighter beer, you can try sipping Pilsen.

When you take a trip to Costa Rica, get the most out of your vacation by sampling the traditional drinks of the land. You’ll get a taste of the culture and exotic history of this small nation and enjoy the delicious flavors of Central America.

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