Birds of Costa Rica - Photo Gallery

Costa Rica is never as full of color and life as when you are talking about its variety of world-famous birds.

Truly a bird-watchers paradise, Costa Rica is also a great place for anyone that appreciates the beauty of nature.

Take a look at our Costa Rica bird gallery and make your own list of birds that you need to get out and see in person.

Our photo gallery of Costa Rica birds captures some beautiful characters, but also the beautiful landscape that they call home.

The country protects it land fiercely, which has allowed these species of birds to live, survive, and thrive.

Don’t forget to take in the entire photograph! Your eyes will be drawn to the colorful birds, but their homeland is amazing too.

Our lucky photographers were tasked with traveling all over Costa Rica to collect the most diverse pictures of these animals in their natural environments.

The also captured locals and tourists interacting with these beautiful creatures, including shots of a tourist holding a Toucan on his arm.

Some of the incredible moments that were captured – and are available for you to view in this gallery – include a pair of macaws, a hummingbird drinking water, and birds in flight.

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