Places to Stay in Costa Rica - Photo Gallery

There are so many places to choose from when deciding where to stay in Costa Rica, from vacation rental to hotels to luxury all-inclusive resorts.

Our places to stay photo gallery gives you an inside look at the architecture, décor and natural surroundings at a variety of accommodations. Our gallery gives you an up-to-date look at rooms, bars, pools, spas and even golf courses.

Photos from hotels in the city will give you a preview of the hotel, and also a glimpse of your city surroundings.

Costa Rica is famous for its beach hotels, and we’ve got shots of the grounds, the sand and the water. Mountain hotels are known for their amazing views of the forest, and we’ve got the previews that will help you pick the right one for your trip.

If you’re researching a luxury rental, we’ve got the images that can help you decide if a place is luxury enough for you. Never leave your trip to chance with our places to stay in Costa Rica photo gallery.

Guanacaste Escape Adventure Tour
7 Days / 6 Nights
Starting at $932 per person
Around Beautiful Costa Rica Tour
10 Days / 9 Nights
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