Javi the Frog On Location - Photo Gallery

Javi the Frog has a rough life – he is responsible for exploring all of the popular and secluded places of Costa Rica and sharing what he finds with you.

This photo gallery highlights all of Javi’s best “on location” adventures.

Some of the adventures that Javi has testing out for you include relaxing on beautiful beaches, going on white water rafting tours, hiking and zip lining. He loves to explore the countryside and landscape, and is always excited to share his photos with you.

Recently, he has been seen hanging out in the country’s trees and interacting with the local wildlife.

Javi the Frog has braved his adoring fans (he’s a pretty big deal in Costa Rica) to visit some local hot spots to test out their menus.

He’s often seen enjoying a cup of local coffee, or indulging in a chocolate dessert. He also loves to visit the museums to learn as much as he can about the history of his great country. And he is nice enough to try out some of Costa Rica’s highest rated hotels and accommodations to give you the inside scoop!

You can learn a lot about Costa Rica from our favorite mascot.

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