Volcanoes of Costa Rica - Photo Gallery

The volcanoes in Costa Rica are majestic and mysterious, and add some incredible views to the country’s landscape.

Browse our Costa Rica volcanoes photo gallery now to discover these natural wonders and keep in mind that while the realistic photos will make you think you are there, you don’t need to run and cover from an erupting volcano.

Volcanoes tower in the Costa Rica landscape, but they don’t always look the same.

We’ve taken care to include images of the volcanoes in many different views – from the morning light to dusk, and from a clear day to a cloudy day. You can see all the views right here. We’ve included straight-forward images from popular hotels and artistic images, like reflections of the volcanoes in lakes.

We’ve also included shots of various stages of eruptions.

Sometimes, a volcano is just blowing smoke, and sometimes it is an ash eruption.

Other times, there is actual lava flow. Volcanoes are active during the daytime and during the nighttime. We’ve captured all of these instances for you here in this Costa Rica photo gallery.

Volcanoes, while scary, can also produce amazing natural side effects, like waterfalls, hot springs and craters.

These are all represented in this gallery, and worth checking out in person!

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