Tourist Bus Companies in North Puntarenas

Tourist buses represent the easiest and most cost-effective way to travel around Costa Rica if you are visiting from abroad. There are other options, but with Costa Rica’s well-developed infrastructure and vibrant tourism industry, it is hard to find other options that boast the mobility and access that tourist buses offer while still remaining in the same price range. Not only do buses connect major cities, allowing for easy travel between the provinces, they also provide excursions directly to important tourist attractions and national parks.

If you are looking to use a bus company to explore North Puntarenas, there are a few things you should know about the area. Here’s what you will be able to discover when you explore this beautiful and diverse province.

Bilingual Support

Bus companies that make their living off the tourism industry understand the importance of communication and service. That’s why they frequently advertise the availability of bilingual drivers who can easily communicate with both visitors from other Central American countries and visitors from nations like the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Sights to See

If you are looking to visit this province, you need to understand where you are going and how it fits into your other travel plans in Costa Rica. If you’re not currently familiar with the country, Puntarenas is located on the west side of the country. This long province stretches up most of that west coast, including a small portion of the Nicoya Peninsula. This means that there are plenty of beaches, as well as a number of other sightseeing opportunities.

Start out in one of the popular tourist destination towns like Manuel Antonio or Quepos to have easy access to great beaches and water activities, or visit Monteverde to head inland and see the wonderful natural forest preserves that the government of Costa Rica has set aside to preserve the country’s heritage. Water activities, hiking, and cultural activities abound in this province, so it is a great place to stop on your way through to other popular Costa Rican destinations, but it is also a great place to spend your whole trip.

Water Activities

With a vast coastline and a geographic range that spans the majority of one side of the country, there are a number of beaches to visit if you are looking for fun on the water in North Puntarenas.

Swimming is available widely, at practically every public beach, as is public sunbathing. The beaches in Costa Rica are beautiful, and thanks to the large number of natural places that are preserved in the public’s interest, they are accessible too.

Snorkeling is popular up and down the coast, with a variety of different natural features and ecological niches to see in each location. Look for a local guide or service to get help finding the best places to snorkel and skin dive anywhere in North Puntarenas

Scuba tends to be popular with aficionados of the sport for many of the same reasons tourists absolutely love snorkeling. Scuba dives allow you to see more, deeper in the ocean, and for longer, but they do require prior training and certification. Parasailing off the coast is offered through a variety of vendors, as are other activities like boat charters.

Using a Tourist Bus to See More of the Coast

When you book your travel in-country through tourist bus companies, you have the opportunity to see more of the coast. It’s easy to travel from location to location, making it convenient to move on to new dive sites and surfing opportunities as you travel.

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