Car Rental Agencies in North Puntarenas

North Puntarenas is, unsurprisingly, one of the most visited regions in Costa Rica. Turns out, people are really interested in seeing all of the tourist attractions, national parks and beach resorts that the area offers! This region is frequented by many different types of tourists, from families seeking adventures to couples on their honeymoons, and offers some spectacular sights that anyone can enjoy.

North Puntarenas covers a large area of land, and the best way to see all the hotspots in this part of the province is to rent a car and drive around by yourself. Your schedule, your itinerary, your way! Renting a car for your North Puntarenas exploration gives you the freedom to completely customize your vacation and make it your own. It also means that you can visit some of the spots that other tourists can’t get to. These secluded areas are worth a trip, and renting a car to drive yourself around will give you the option to absorb the wonderful local culture that Costa Rica has to offer.

Renting a Car in North Puntarenas

One of the things that makes renting a car in North Puntarenas a great option is that the roads throughout the province are well-paved and kept in good condition. Driving in a place that you are just visiting can be intimidating and overwhelming, but with the road conditions in North Puntarenas, driving a rental car can be a great experience. You will find that there are a number of car rental companies throughout the province, so you have your choice of where to start your vacation. You can either pick up your rental car in Puntarenas, the provincial capital, or head out Quepos, which serves as an easy access point to the Manuel Antonio Natl. Park. Car rental agencies can also be found in towns like Jaco and Manuel Antonio as well.

Renting from Puntarenas

Puntarenas is a great place to start your Costa Rica adventure. This is a very popular base spot for tourists, but don’t let that turn you away – it’s popular because it offers great and easy access to several areas worth exploring. It also means that you will find plenty of rental car company offices in the area. While it is always best to reserve your rental car ahead of time, Puntarenas is an area where you can worry less about availability.

If you rent your car from this town, you can head straight to the Monteverde area or Mal Pais and Playa Santa Teresa to start exploring. If you are going to Monteverde by car, a four-wheel drive is recommended as the terrain here gets pretty bumpy. Driving to Monteverde is superb because you are treated to some stunning views of the park, plus you can also explore this gorgeous area at your own pace.

Picking Up Your Rental Car in Quepos

If you rent your car in Quepos, you’ll have easy access to see the Manuel Antonio National Park, Dominical and its surrounding areas. Quepos is a bustling town, known mostly for its excellent sportfishing. Tourists will find plenty of accommodations in this area, and most of the car rental agencies will deliver your car directly to your hotel, free of cost.

Beach Town Car Rentals

A great beach town, Jaco is a tourist hotspot with millions of travelers coming here every year. Just a 2-hour drive from San Jose, this town has a quite few car rental agency offices that cater to the many people who come here. If you are traveling to Jaco during peak tourist season, be sure to make a car booking in advance, to avoid any hassles.

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