Rancho Perlita Chorotega
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Rancho Perlita Chorotega

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Located in:
Nicoya, Guanacaste

Rancho Perlita Chorotega is a micro company that organized to build a Cultural Rescue Center.


Welcome to Rancho Perlita Chorotega
Welcome to Rancho Perlita Chorotega

We are a micro company that was organized to build a Cultural Rescue Center called "Perlita Chorotega"

Accordng with the ancestral culture that inhabited the Guanacaste region. The project is postulated as a provider for the tourist who visits Costa Rica to enjoy natural and cultural beauties. Perlita Chorotega is a place specialized in providing the best experiences to the market in terms of prices and experiences of the services that we offer.

We are a micro-company that promotes and supports entrepreneurship in men and women of our community who live in extreme poverty, taking into account the development of the community in a sustainable manner.

Key Features

Learn how to make tortillas
Learn how to make tortillas
  • Learn cultural activities at Rancho Perlita Chorot
  • Enjoy time with locals from the zone
  • Cook and learn Tico food
  • Enjoy natural and cultural tourism


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Rancho Perlita Chorotega
Rancho Perlita Chorotega

Visitors interested in learning the homemade biscuit industry as a by-product of corn should head to Guanacaste and locate the town of San Vicente in the canton of Nicoya, San Antonio District, where they will have the opportunity to observe and learn the process of making the biscuit by experienced workers who offer tastings of baked goods such as tanela, donuts and empanadas accompanied by a local drink.

Duration of the tour: 4 hours including

Lunch, live marimba that enlivens the dance.
A workshop whether it would be gastronomy with its ingredients and preparation, natural drinks, mud walk, including a demonstration "How to make pre-Columbian art"and a tour in mountainous terrain with beautiful recreational views.

Our community of San Vicente, is a stage to have a good time with the whole leg. It allows you to enjoy natural and cultural tourism as well as the agricultural industry. The town is well known as the cradle of the ancestral pre-Columbian crafts inherited from the Chorotega Indians.

Tours Offered

Bird Watching
Cooking Classes
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Price per person$80 

Location & Map

Nicoya Peninsula Map
Nicoya Peninsula Map
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