Carmona, Guanacaste

View of foothills from Carmona, Guanacaste
View of foothills from Carmona, Guanacaste
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The small, secluded city of Carmona is the county seat of the Nandayure canton in Guanacaste. Created in 1961 on the land that was previously called Colonia Carmona, Nandayure spans more than 565 square kilometers and boasts a population of over 12,000 people.

The canton of Nandayure was first settled in 1910 by a colony of farmers hailing from Atenas, San Ramon and Palmares, and is situated on the coastline of the Gulf of Nicoya near the mouth of the Rio Tempisque.

Off the Beaten Path

As the city of Carmona has not been greatly explored, it provides a tremendous tourism opportunity for travelers looking to venture off the beaten path and appreciate the true culture and atmosphere of Costa Rica.

In addition, due to this lack of exploration, many of the beaches located near Carmona and other parts of Nandayure are secluded and uncrowded, giving tourists a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Camaronal Refuge

One of these incredible beaches located nearby is Playa Camaronal, which is nearly two miles long and is best accessed with a four-wheel drive vehicle. The ecosystems that can be found on this beach are extremely diverse, ranging from the grayish sandy coastline to the dense forests and vegetation, which provide the backdrop.

A variety of flora and fauna can be seen at Playa Camaronal, including wild plum, mahogony and balsa wood trees, as well as marine wildlife such as crabs, snails and nerites. During the dry season, waves at the beach can reach up to 20 feet high, making it an excellent surfing destination for more adventurous travelers. Camping and fishing are other popular tourist activities at the beach.

During the rainy season, visitors to Playa Camaronal can expect to find the treasured leatherback and Pacific Olive Ridley turtles, who come to the beach in order to lay their eggs.

The economic activity in the city of Carmona centers around the harvest of rice, corn, beans and coffee, while the climate in the area is very warm. Carmona sits approximately 329 kilometers away from the capital city of San Jose, but the lengthy trip is undoubtedly worth the ability to see Costa Rica in its purest form.