Pájaros Island Biological Reserve, North Puntarenas

Roseate Spoonbill flying at Pajaros Island Biological Reserve
Roseate Spoonbill flying at Pajaros Island Biological Reserve

Costa Rica is home to a stunning variety of exotic plant and animal life, and nowhere is this more evident than the country's national parks and wildlife refuges. Tourists who are visiting Costa Rica and want to experience this incredible natural diversity for themselves can visit the Pajaros Island Biological Reserve.

Incredible Variety of Wildlife

The reserve is located in the Gulf of Nicoya, and is home to an incredible variety of wildlife. Pajaros Island Biological Reserve is an important nesting ground for many species of marine bird, including the brown pelican, magnificent frigatebird, yellow-naped parrots and laughing gulls. One of the most remote and untouched areas of Costa Rica, the island is uninhabited by humans. In clear weather conditions, it is possible to see the entirety of the island from the Costa de Pajaros, or Bird Coast, located around 13 km from the city of Puntarenas.

Visiting the Island

Although the island does not feature roads or trails, visitors can access Pajaros Island Biological Reserve via boat ride from Puntarenas, though permits may be required from the Tempisque Conservation Area. The rugged coastlines, lush greenery and unspoiled atmosphere of the island could be ideal for travelers who want to journey off the beaten path. Harbor cruises from Puntarenas to Tortuga Island also pass by these islands, making them perfect for birdwatchers.

Visitors embarking on a trip to the island can walk around the circumference of Pajaros during low tide, as the island is fringed by two beaches. Much of Pajaros Island is covered in low forests, grassland and shrubs, meaning that wherever tourists are on the island, the views of the surrounding Gulf and nearby islands will always be impressive.

The climate in this region is hot and sunny for most of the year, with the majority of the island's precipitation falling between May and November. The island itself consists of around 10 acres of land, making exploration of Pajaros Island possible in a long afternoon. Camping is not permitted on the island due to its status as a conservation area. Some companies in Puntarenas offer visitors guided tours of the island, where they can learn about the various plants, crustaceans and birds that call the Pajaros Island Biological Reserve home.

Bird Lovers Paradise

Pájaros Island offers a stunning display of Costa Rica's avian species. Bird watchers, enthusiasts or even plain tourists would be left captivated by the local birds' vivid colors. A treat also awaits those who visit in the right season, as bird calls would make visitors feel as if they are being serenaded by the Costa Rican birds. Although a tiny island that measures only four hectares, Pájaros Island makes up for the lack of space with the marvelous biodiversity and stunning scenery.

This tranquil, remote island is an ideal place for travelers to enjoy the stunning views and varied wildlife of Costa Rica. Tourists who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the more tourist-friendly areas and smell the sea air should make sure to visit this remarkable wildlife refuge.

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