Playa Bejuco, Guanacaste

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Situated just 17 kilometers south of Playa Carrillo along the coast, the atmosphere at Playa Bejuco really is much more quiet and relaxing than the popular nearby tourist destinations.

With most of its surrounding area relatively undeveloped, Playa Bejuco is representative of a number of the country's best beaches that are situated off the beaten tourist path. It is at these beaches that tourists can truly experience the beautiful scenery that Costa Rica has to offer, including its abundance of wildlife and impressive natural landscape. The brown sand beach of Playa Bejuco stretches for miles and visitors to the area may not see another person for an entire day.

The Playa Bejuco community is extremely small with just a few sodas, which are typically family-run roadside cafes where travelers can indulge in the country's traditional fare. Most of the people in the community support themselves through agricultural work such as farming and fishing.

To access Playa Bejuco, travelers must navigate roads that are made up of dirt and gravel, making the trip to the beach an adventure in and of itself. A small airport situated between the nearby towns of Corozalito and Islita can make travel to the secluded beach town somewhat easier.

The beach features a number of rocky areas and coves primed for exploration in addition to its excellent swimming area and tidal pools, which can be found near Bejuco Point. Another exciting activity for visitors to Playa Bejuco is horseback riding, which allows tourists to experience a personal tour of the community itself.

At certain times, travelers can even enjoy surfing at Playa Bejuco, as the waves can swell up to 16 feet. Surfers should be prepared to paddle quite a bit in order to track the best waves at the beach and the best surf generally can be found when the tide is rising.

For travelers who want to escape the bustling city life and enjoy a laid-back vacation on a secluded beach, Playa Bejuco is the perfect place to spend a few days and truly appreciate Costa Rica's remarkable natural beauty.