Playa Bejuco, Guanacaste

A photographer’s dream, Playa Bejuco is a secret waiting to be discovered along Costa Rica’s coast. With stunning vistas and a view of nature found nowhere else and an extensive catalog of local wildlife you can capture on film, this beachside town is just waiting to become your next vacation destination. Take in the sights with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over pristine, untouched beaches, and enjoy nature as it was meant to be seen.

Best Hotels in Playa Bejuco

Get Away From the Crowds

One of Playa Bejuco’s greatest attractions is its isolation. Despite its gorgeous beaches, the small community, local farming and fishing agriculture, and abundant wildlife have turned Playa Bejuco into a secluded paradise far off the beaten track. One of Costa Rica’s open secrets, as a tourist attraction Playa Bejuco is appealing to those seeking a quieter, more relaxing experience away from larger, more popular tourist cities. The stillness and calm off Playa Bejuco will make you feel like you’ve come home, finding a place both in the town and among the local wildlife. It’s said that the tropics move at a different pace from the rest of the world, and nowhere more than in Playa Bejuco will you be able to enjoy that pace, slow down, and be completely mindful of your life and each moment in it.

Become Part of the Family With Local Cuisine

Discover the taste of Playa Bejuco with its many family-run roadside cafes, or sodas. Whether buffet-style or serving up single dishes, sodas offer traditional Costa Rican food such as spicy chileras, fried plantains, black beans, and Costa Rican beer. Each soda welcomes tourists with a warm, friendly atmosphere that makes each guest feel like part of the family. Try authentic Costa Rican cuisine, and if you’re brave enough find out just how spicy our food can be! Once you’ve developed a taste for Costa Rican food you’ll never want for any other. Try our recipes and then make them your own, taking a taste of Playa Bejuco with you wherever you go.

Sun and Surf

Take in some of the best beaches in the country, with miles of lush, smooth golden sand isolated from more crowded tourist beaches. Relax and soak up the sun, or explore the rocky beachside outcroppings and coves. Tidal pools and abundant open water offer excellent swimming opportunities. Here to surf? Ride the exciting curl of some of the best waves in Costa Rica, and hang ten with the local surfer crowd. The ocean waves are populated with fascinating aquatic life, and beneath the crystal blue waters you can discover an entirely new world teeming with exotic local species of fish, crustaceans, and octopus.

Scenic Pathways

Getting to Playa Bejuco is part of the fun. Situated far off the beaten path and 17 kilometers south of Playa Carillo, Playa Bejuco can primarily be accessed by scenic dirt and gravel roadways that can make for tricky but exciting navigation. The long trip by car or on foot is just the beginning of your chances to slow down and take in life around you at the pace of the tropics, leaving behind the fast-moving stress of city life. The trails leading to the town are also perfect for horseback riding, another popular local activity that offers personal tours of the community. A day spent horseback riding and communing with nature can be a balm for the soul.

Ready to take in one of Costa Rica’s undiscovered beauties on the beach? A small local airstrip between Corozalito and Islita will get you started. Step into the trees from there, follow the call of the ocean on the crisp scented breeze…and let it lead you to Playa Bejuco, and your next vacation getaway.

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Where to Stay near Playa Bejuco

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Things to Do near Playa Bejuco

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