Paquera, North Puntarenas

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The Nicoya Peninsula features some of the most pristine shorelines in Costa Rica, many of which are virtually untouched. The small town of Paquera is located at the southernmost tip of the peninsula and is most commonly visited by travelers who are taking a ferry to the city of Puntarenas. But this town is also an ideal stop for those who wish to experience true Tico living. Tambor is just a few minutes away and it is a great tranquil beach destination with several luxury resorts to choose from. Additionally, there are various activities within the region for anyone wishing to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Paquera is well known as a producer of many fruits and vegetables due to the climate and ideal location along the waterfront. Although the community as a whole is fairly small, there are several hotels and local amenities to explore. However, as far as tourist attractions and services, there aren't many. Travelers will find a few tour operators that offer boating or snorkeling of the Tortuga Islands and other close by attractions.

Curú National Wildlife Refuge

To experience the best of the Nicoya Peninsula, the Curú National Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit for travelers heading to Paquera. This privately owned reserve is actually part of a farm, which enables it to provide sustainable agricultural resources as well as protection of the local flora and fauna. This is a park where travelers are almost guaranteed to see a lot of wildlife. As a reserve that isn't frequented by many, it remains fairly quiet. This makes it ideal for travelers because they will be able to see animals in their true form.

Curu features five different habitats, including tropical dry forest, mangrove swamps and marine zones, so it's no surprise that the species that reside here are diverse. More than 230 avian species have been spotted here, and include the scarlet macaw, woodpecker and laughing hawks. Mammal species that live here include howler monkeys, margays, pumas, ocelots, anteaters, otters and more.

Playa Organos

Just outside of the town of Paquera lies the picturesque beach of Playa Organos. Surrounded by jungle and the nearby Tortuga Island, this beach is a great day adventure when visiting Paquera. The calm waters make it a great place for swimming and relaxing

Tortuga Island

Located just off the shore, Tortuga Island is a tranquil and stunning place to visit. The white sand beaches are perfect for just relaxing, but the attractions in the area are not to miss. This island is most notable for scuba diving and snorkeling. Dolphins, sting rays, angel fish and more can be viewed when going out into the waters here, in addition to three sunken boats that have served as a habitat for marine creatures for years.

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