Playa Brasilito, Guanacaste

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Among the first beaches to attract international attention along Costa Rica’s ‘Gold Coast,’ Playa Brasilito along with Playa Flamingo and Playa Conchal sit on the northwestern shore of Guanacaste province. A tiny fishing village offering a wonderful beach stretch to relax and enjoy, Playa Brasilito is located 70 km from Liberia and around 45 km from the town of Santa Cruz. Easily accessible by bus and taxi, many people land at the Liberia International Airport to get here.

Beautiful Place to Get Away

A 2-kilometer long beach of great scenic beauty, Playa Brasilito is a 10-minute walk from Playa Conchal and a 5-minute drive from Playa Flamingo. With just a few hotels and cabins, much of this beach retains a local flavor with many Ticos (Costa Ricans) coming here to spend the weekend away from the city. A small town in the center of Playa Brasilito is a soccer field or Plaza, while around the edge of the village you will find a few small pulperias or general stores. A surprisingly pleasant place to spend some quiet time, tourists can experience Tico life at its most natural out here.

Budget Travelers Destination

Offering economical and convenient accommodations and transportation, Playa Brasilito is more often than not the destination of choice for most budget travelers who come to this part of the province. Besides a few hotels, there are bars and restaurants as well as an internet cafe in town. Here one can also find a number of rental shops for horses, dive equipment, motorbikes and much more.

Perfect Weather

Drenched in sunshine most days of the year, Playa Brasilito gets between 11 to 12 hours of sunshine during the dry season from December to April with a warm average temperature of around 36 degrees Celsius or 99 degrees Fahrenheit.