Tortuga Abajo, South Puntarenas

Beautiful Spider on Web
Beautiful Spider on Web

While many travelers confuse Tortuga Abajo with the infamous Tortuga Island of piracy fame, this coastal town is famous in its own right as a gorgeous vacation destination catering to the tastes of the most savvy of tourists. From wildlife to beach scenery, each inch of Tortuga Abajo and the surrounding region is so breathtaking you’ll want to capture every moment on film. There’s no shortage of things to do in Tortuga Abajo, and you’ll find yourself packing every day with new experiences and unforgettable memories.

Stunning Beaches

Tortuga Abajo’s position on the southwestern coast of Costa Rica makes it the perfect getaway spot for sun-loving beach-goers. Pristine beaches of golden sand dotted by picturesque rocky tide pools offer the perfect place to go for a refreshing swim in crystal-clear waters, or just to take in some sun and sand while you watch the waves roll in. Work on your tan, or bring the kids to build sand castles among the driftwood while you take in one of Tortuga Abajo’s most stunning natural wonders.

Wet and Wild Watersports

The beaches aren’t just for sunning; if you’re the sporty type, hit the waves on Tortuga Abajo’s beaches to enjoy watersports that will keep your energy levels pumped. Immerse yourself in swimming, or catch a wave and ride the curl to shore with an active surfing scene. If you’re into kayaking, you’ll find many other aficionados paddling the waves. For sport fishing, there’s no other place like Tortuga Abajo, where you can test your fishing skills on local species and discover a wholly new angling experience.

Beautiful Landscapes

Even more beautiful than the beaches are the vistas throughout the region. From Dominical to Tortuga Abajo, the vast stretches of beautifully verdant forests, mountains, rivers, and coastlines make for landscapes that will take your breath away. Lose yourself on long drives to take in the scenery, and discover the majestic awe and untouched natural beauty of some of Costa Rica’s most gorgeous vistas.

Nearby Attractions

Tortuga Abajo is a great jumping-off point for regional exploration. Put down your stake in the town, then venture out each day to discover new wonders in surrounding regions and towns. If you’re interested in night life, San José is four hours away by bus – a trip that’s worth the wait to see Costa Rica’s busy, multifaceted capital city. Drive along the south Pacific Coast to take in the mountain landscapes, and find your way to the popular destination town of Ojochal, where you can indulge in hiking, bird watching, and photography among the portrait-ready views of brilliant sunsets against the coastal backdrop.

Corcovado National Park

For eco-tourists and those interested in biodiversity, there’s no better place to visit than Corcovado National Park, home to species that exist nowhere else in the world. A flourishing haven of natural beauty and growing wildlife, the flora and fauna of Corcovado National Park have earned it the title of the crown jewel of Costa Rica’s national park system. Come for the wildlife, stay for the wonder as you discover the richness of species in our beautiful country.

Don’t Forget the Turtles

“Tortuga” means “turtle” in English, and Tortuga Abajo doesn’t disappoint with a diverse population of turtles and other sea life – that you can experience right up close when swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling. Get face to face with Tortuga Abajo’s undersea residents, including friendly dolphins, exotic fish, and majestic turtles.

Discover the lushness and richness of one of Costa Rica’s favored destinations. Tortuga may mean turtle, but you shouldn’t move at a turtle’s speed to book your Tortuga Abajo destination. Take time to visit Tortuga Abajo, and you will discover one of the most beautiful places in all of Costa Rica.

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