Playa Tortuga, South Puntarenas

Beautiful Beach Landscape at Playa Tortuga
Beautiful Beach Landscape at Playa Tortuga

Nestled on the Pacific coast, Playa Tortuga in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, is a great stop for travelers who want to enjoy the beach, beautiful scenery and the local wildlife.

The name of this beach is Spanish for “Turtle Beach” because of the numerous turtles that come to the region each year to lay their eggs. If they come during turtle season, travelers can see how the beach earned this name.

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Wildlife Galore

Playa Tortuga is a great destination for travelers who love marine turtles and want to learn how we can help these endangered marine turtles.

Visit a local non-profit research center to learn about the nesting behavior of these reptiles and how they fit into the local ecosystem.

Turtle season here begins in July and ends in December but travelers who want to see baby turtles may want to visit the area after September, when the turtles start hatching. During nesting season, people can expect to see Olive Ridley Sea Turtles and may also see other types of marine turtles, such as Leatherback Sea Turtles and Green Sea Turtles.

Travelers can see different kinds of wildlife year-round. Nearby national parks allow people to see monkeys, sloths, kinkajous, anteaters, coatis, tayra and river otters.

Reptile enthusiasts can see several species of crocodilians.

Playa Tortuga is also home to roughly 450 bird species and avid birdwatchers may want to bring their binoculars so they can enjoy the beautiful plumage.

This region also boasts several native species of butterflies.

Visitors can learn about all of these creatures and how they contribute to the local ecosystem, as well as how these animals are affected by people.

Experience the Real Costa Rica

If travelers want to get off the beaten path and experience daily life in Costa Rica, Playa Tortuga is the place to go.

This beach is only a short distance from Ojochal. This little town has a lot to offer, including easy access to the beach, jungle and rainforest.

When people aren’t out exploring the region, they can explore the town. The loclas are eager to welcome travelers, Ojochal has not been commercialized by tourism. This allows people to relax into daily life in Costa Rica and leave feeling like a local.

Although some people may enjoy trying traditional dishes, the town of Ojochal offers many types of international cuisines. Visitors can stop by a wine bar to enjoy a glass of wine as they reflect on their day and enjoy meals featuring Italian, Belgian, Asian, German and French dishes.

Incredible Scenery

Playa Tortuga has plenty of beautiful vistas for visitors to marvel over.

Río Terraba is nearby and mangroves grow along the bank of this river. Many people enjoy a tour of this unique ecosystem that is both sea and forest.

Travelers can also hike through the jungle and enjoy views of the mountains while they take an ATV tour or zipline through the jungle.

The Nauyaca Waterfalls are also near Playa Tortuga. These multi-level waterfalls fill a canyon and travelers can hike to enjoy an up-close view and swim in the natural pools.

For many people, the main appeal of this region is the beach. Costa Rica beaches offer plenty of activities to visitors.

People can enjoy the views while they tan on the beach, swim in the shallows and take horseback rides.

They can also go boating or kayaking and even take surfing lessons to enjoy more activities on the water.

Adventurous travelers can combine their love of wildlife and the ocean by going scuba diving and snorkeling. These activities offer the chance to see whales, rays, dolphins and fish in their natural environment.

People who want to see the best the Costa Rica beaches have to offer can travel to a nearby beach called Playa Ventanas to see reefs and investigate sea caves during low tide.

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