Playa Tortuga, South Puntarenas

Beautiful Beach Landscape at Playa Tortuga
Beautiful Beach Landscape at Playa Tortuga
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Travelers looking to have a good time during their visit to Costa Rica may want to pay a visit to Playa Tortuga, a beautiful beach located on the country's Southern Pacific coast.

Next to Charming Ojochal

Playa Tortuga, which means "Turtle Beach" in Spanish, is located a short way away from Ojochal, an idyllic town that has remained largely untouched by the influences of tourism. In this small hamlet, travelers can enjoy an authentic reflection of the experience of everyday life in Costa Rica, as the villagers will happily welcome guests with open arms. Ojochal is also a great place to grab a bite to eat, as it is home to a wide array of restaurants serving different kinds of international cuisines. In addition to a wine bar and a French bakery, the town has eateries that offer German, Belgian, French, Italian and Asian dishes.

Wildlife the Main Attraction

The main attraction at Playa Tortuga, however, is its abundant wildlife and stunning natural scenery. Nestled along Costa Rica's scenic Pacific coast, Playa Tortuga provides visitors with amazing views of towering mountains, lush forests and the sparkling ocean. One of the most popular attractions near the beach is the Nauyaca Waterfalls, a group of crashing cascades located just a short drive away. Another important natural attraction in the vicinity is the Río Terraba, a flowing river lined with teeming mangroves.

Animal lovers will also find plenty to enjoy in the area surrounding Playa Tortuga. As many as 450 different species of birds live in the region, giving tourists the chance to spot some of Costa Rica's most colorful creatures. Additionally, Playa Tortuga is home to a non-profit group that works to educate locals and visitors alike about the conservation of Costa Rica's many marine turtles. Nature enthusiasts can also get up close and personal with native animals at one of the several national parks located nearby.

Activities at Playa Tortuga

Travelers interested in enjoying a more active vacation can participate in a range of activities at Playa Tortuga. Many visitors go swimming in the waters just off the beach, while those who venture a bit further offshore can go scuba diving to see dolphins, rays, whales, turtles and more. Other popular activities in the area around Playa Tortuga include sport fishing, surfing, kayaking, boating, horseback riding, hiking and more.