Tres Rios, Cartago

Beautiful Tres Rios
Beautiful Tres Rios

For the rustic charm and small-town beauty of Costa Rica’s villages, you’ll enjoy the tiny community of Tres Ríos in Cartago Province. Looking out over expansive green vistas, Tres Ríos offers a serenity and quiet atmosphere that brings tranquility to any visitor. Come to appreciate the landscapes, and stay for the coffee, the people, and the authentic Tico experience.

World-Famous Coffee

Tres Ríos is known worldwide for their coffee. Costa Rican coffee beans produced in Tres Ríos possess a unique flavor recognizable in every whiff of the aroma and every sip of nuanced, bold dark coffee, making it a distinctive blend with global demand. Made with 100 percent Arabica beans, the local blend is a rich, full-bodied dark roast. Start every day with a cup of Tres Ríos coffee, and experience the pleasures of a subtle blend of flavors colored by the innovative cultivation methods of the local villagers. The local Irazú Volcano deeply affects the soil and makes for rich fodder for coffee growth, earning it the nickname “The Bordeaux of Costa Rica.”

Explore Nearby Sights

While Tres Ríos itself is a rather humble hamlet, it’s surrounded by multiple larger villages and cities that offer food, nightlife, and luxury hotels among many other amenities. Take in the busy scene at shopping centers and bustling markets, then return to Tres Ríos to discover the hospitality of true Tico lifestyle. The local population is steeped in authentic Costa Rican culture, giving you a first-hand taste of what Tico life means. You’ll be embraced as if you’re family and enjoy the boisterous joy and vividness of Tico cultural traditions.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

Tres Ríos offers majestic, awe-inspiring views over rolling mountainous landscape and gently sloping hills, providing a view found nowhere else. The natural environment of Tres Ríos inspires visitors to reflect in calm serenity and attracts the more adventurous to hike the steep trails and discover wonders among the burgeoning flora.

You can also visit two protected zones, established to conserve mountain wildlife. The zones include Zona Protectora Río Tiribí, and the Zona Protectora Cerro la Carpintera. Of the two, the Cerro la Carpintera offers the most expansive and immersive experience, with a staggering diversity of flora and fauna. Multiple species of raccoons, parakeets, rabbits, and squirrels make this a great stop for anyone with a nuanced eye for species differentiation and a fascination with ecological study. For a more sporty adventure, you can also rappel across 19 platforms in 2 designated areas, take a canopy tour, or hike for 30 minutes through the forest to experience the wildlife firsthand.

Enjoy Eco-Tourism

The protected areas surrounding Tres Ríos offer more than just fascinating views. For eco-tourists, they offer an educational glimpse into the biodiversity that makes so many of Costa Rica’s environs famous. Costa Rica is renowned for the richness of its wildlife, both plant and animal, and that richness has given rise to species found nowhere else in the world. Anyone with an interest in studying biology and biodiversity will find endless hours of fascination observing the species in the areas around Tres Ríos.

Just a Quick Jaunt from San José

Staying in the central valley in San José? Make Tres Ríos a part of your local itinerary. Whether you’re taking the bus or driving by car, you can reach Tres Ríos in less than an hour from either San José or Cartago, with trips of 12-13 kilometers either way. There’s no reason to miss this hidden wonder tucked away among the volcanic hills and mountains, waiting to be discovered. Come to Costa Rica, and get a taste not just of Tres Ríos’s coffee, but of its culture and the humanity that make so many call it home.

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