Desamparados, San Jose

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The suburban city of Desamparados lies on the southeastern outskirts of San Jose. Located 1,161 meters above the sea level, it is the main city of the Desamparados canton.

The city has its own rural charm with its lush pastures and beautiful coffee fields. It is a farming community, known for its agricultural yield of coffee and sugarcane production. The verdant farms, ranches and lush forestation around Desamparados lure you into the city. Tucked away between rolling hills and beautiful flower gardens, is the small tranquil town of Desamparados, with its peace loving people.

Apart from several accommodation options in Desamparados there are also some excellent cornucopia property alternatives available in the city. Hotels and lodging options can be found near the Rio Tiribi at Desamparados.

A few kilometers away from the town is the La Carpintera Refuge. The wide summits and the small but elevated peaks of La Carpintera divide the Central Valley into the eastern and western zones. The area is thick with vegetation, carpeted in tropical forest and has hot springs at the base of the volcano. To the west of the city are the magnificent Volcano Irazu and its protected area.

This middle-class suburb and Tico municipality of San Jose offers intensive Spanish classes that vary from the beginner level to advance. Those interested in learning Spanish can head to the La Escuela De Idiomas in Desamparados.

Desamparados is a beautiful city offering mountain views with a host of places to go and sights to see, from an attractive church to comfortable casas, cinemas, discos, shopping malls, museums along with an active night life with bars, clubs and dance halls offering traditional Costa Rican dances.