Desamparados, San José

Just on the southeastern outskirts of San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica, you can find the community of Desamparados. This charming city is the perfect blend of urban excitement and rural relaxation; it boasts a blend of old and new, making it an ideal place for visitors looking to experience the heart of Costa Rica. This city also makes the perfect base camp from which to access many other points of interest around the country thanks to the wealth of comfortable lodging options found in the area.

Sleeping and Staying in Desamparados

Visitors to Desamparados can choose from several different accommodation options, including some outstanding cornucopia property alternatives. These offer visitors a unique lodging option that is nonetheless highly convenient and compatible with many travel itineraries. The primary lodgings and hotels in Desamparados can all be found on the Rio Tiribi. This is a conveniently located road that is easy to access; you can find several helpful amenities nearby.

Reaching Desamparados

Because Desamparados is located so close to the center of San Jose, it can be reached by car without great difficulty; only a short drive southeast from San Jose is required. Travelers can also reach Desamparados by traveling northeast from Aserri or northwest from Cartago. This city is connected by several primary roads exiting from major thoroughfares as they enter San Jose. Tobias Bolaños Airport is the nearest airport, located in northwest San Jose near Pavas.

Nature Refuges Near Desamparados

The three protected zone nature refuges nearest Desamparados are La Carpintera Refuge, Rio Tribi Refuge and Cerro de Escara Refuge. These are areas set aside specifically for the preservation of Costa Rica’s native rainforests and jungles. They are protected from the development that has affected many other parts of the country. Access to these spaces is carefully controlled to prevent damage to the delicate ecosystems although some recreational opportunities do exist.

The La Carpitera Refuge is closest to Desamparados and is located just a few kilometers away from the city. The compact peaks of the La Carpitera Mountains are an important natural landmark because they handily divide Costa Rica’s central valley into eastern and western regions. The wide summits are thick with native vegetation that has been allowed to grow freely in keeping with the spirit of protected zones. The tropical forest of La Carpitera even features some natural mineral hot springs bubbling up from the ground. These springs are heated by geothermal energy, the same energy that gives Costa Rica’s active volcanos their astonishing power.

Studying Spanish in Desamparados

In keeping with San Jose’s reputation as a global travel destination, Desamparados is home to some Language Schools, an intensive Spanish language schools that offers classes for every student from beginner to advanced. This learning institutes helps travelers in the country for business or pleasure get around with greater ease and communicate effectively in the language the majority of locals speak fluently. Even if travelers have studied Spanish on their own before arriving in the country, a refresher course taught by a native speaker can accelerate a student’s comfort with the language considerably and make them more adept with the nuances of Costa Rican Spanish.

Studying Costa Rican Spanish in depth is a great way to prepare for an important business trip or an extended sightseeing visit. Travelers wishing to spend a long period of time in the country will find that their stay is greatly enhanced with the knowledge of the local language. Desamparados is a destination for Spanish language learners of every level; you are sure to find a class in any of this schools that fits your needs.

If you will be staying at lodging in San Jose, be sure to make the short trip to see Desamparados.

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Where to Stay near Desamparados

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Tapirus Lodge
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Things to Do near Desamparados

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Intercultura Language School & Cultural Center
Starting at $35 /lesson
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Vip City Bus Cultural Tour
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Cafe Britt Coffee Tour
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