Aserri, San José

Just 10 kilometers south of San José's city center sits the charming town of Aserrí. Although it is not far from the city, this suburb provides a quiet and tranquil place to relax after a day of touring the many city attractions. Additionally, this city sits on the hill, providing it with many amazing views of the surrounding areas, including the city itself. The location combined with the views attracts many visitors to this suburb.

Rock of Aserrí

One of the main attractions of this little town is La Piedra de Aserrí, or Rock of Aserrí. Tourists and visitors flock to this rock to see its amazing panoramic views of all of San José as well as the surrounding Costa Rica landscapes. The legend behind the rock, which is a boulder precariously placed with a cave sitting at the bottom, says that an ancient witch, La Bruja Zárate, built the rock.

Generations have passed down the story of Zárate, who is said to walk along the slopes of the hill to guard the treasure hidden within. According to the legend, Zárate provided charity, offering refuge to animals and providing good luck and fortune to those who sought her out. After falling in love with a Spaniard who rejected her, Zárate swore revenge on him. Many say that if one were to knock three times and say the right words, Zárate might provide answers to the questions burdening them.

Protected Wildlife

Costa Rica is known for its amazing wildlife and natural landscapes. Not far from Aserrí to the southwest sit several protected wildlife zones: Refugio El Rodeo, Refugio Cerro de Escazú and Refugio Quitirrisí. Visitors can explore these areas and see some of the wildlife and beautiful flora of native to Costa Rica that have remained undisturbed by human development. Those who wish to explore a little further away can see the sites of Volcanoes Barva and Irazú. It is also not a far drive to Jacó and the popular beaches sitting on the coastline. Within an easy trip, visitors have the chance to see the many different ecosystems native to Costa Rica.

Dining with a View

One reason visitors head to Aserrí is to partake in the delicious dining opportunities that also feature spectacular views. Many of the town's restaurants are situated on the hill in a place with panoramic vistas of the city, especially at nighttime when the city lights up. Many restaurants also have live music to enhance the atmosphere. There are plenty of options for traditional Costa Rican cuisine, or visitors can try French and Belgian cuisines at the nearby miradores (hanging restaurants). With its close proximity to the city center, those staying in San José can easily come out for a meal and head back to their hotel at night.

Local Attractions

In addition to the dining opportunities, Rock of Aserrí and surrounding landscapes, Aserrí has other attractions that bring people to this quaint town. It is home to churches built in the traditional white-washed Costa Rica churches style. Surrounding the town are banana plantations and green pastures that visitors pass through on their way to and from Aserrí. The climate is generally warm and dry, providing the perfect background for exploring the churches of the city and enjoying the views. It does not take long to get there from the city, making it an option for a quick reprieve from the bustling city for a meal at one of the restaurants or a quiet place to stay while exploring San José.

Visitors to Aserrí have several options for entertainment and activities, whether they choose to stay within the borders of Aserrí, explore San José or venture further into Costa Rica. Nearby cities include Curridabat, Escazú and Desamparados.

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