Aserri, San Jose

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The quiet little hill town of Aserri is located about 10 km south of downtown San Jose and a few kilometers away from the suburbs of Desamparados and San Rafael. Its warm country ambiance provides a welcoming break to travelers from the loud city life.

The ride to Aserri will take you up over the rolling hills of San Jose, past rushing streams and through lush pastures abound with coffee trees and banana plantations. White-washed churches and religious sanctuaries abound Aserri, and it offers plenty of opportunities for excursions at its lush scenic spots, to all those who venture to it. This little town of San Jose is known for its beautiful climate and gorgeous country setting.

Lying to the south of the town is La Piedra de Aserri, also known as the Rock of Aserri, is a huge precariously built boulder with a cave lying at its base. It is the most popular tourist attraction, offering panoramic views of the whole city. Local legend has it that the witch of Na Zárate walked these slopes to guard her hidden treasure. It is an immortal Costa Rican legend, passed down from generation to generation, about the charming Zarate who practiced charity, her unrequited love for a handsome Spaniard and the revenge she sought.

There are also ample dining options in this small town of San Jose to choose from. The restaurants in Aserri offer spectacular views of the city, particularly at night, when the whole valley is sparkling below. Grab a window seat at the famous Mirador Ran Luna or order from the creative menus of Chicharronera Cacique Acserí while you enjoy the picturesque views and the live music being played in the background. There are plenty of excellent restaurants and miradores (hanging restaurants) nearby on the hills of Escazú as well that offer elegant French and Belgian cuisines.

To the southwest of Aserri are the protected zones of Refugio Cerro de Escazu, Refugio Quitirrisi and Refugio El Rodeo. These areas provide critical habitat to a plethora of amazing tropical birds and wildlife along with protecting hundreds of hectares of the tropical forest. Volcano Irazu, Volcano Barva and the Jacó beach are only a few hours drive away from the town. Travelers can visit these protected areas for engaging in a host of activities and for basking in the warm tropical surroundings.