Filadelfia, Guanacaste

Costa Rica has so much to see and do, it can be difficult to narrow it down to one area in which to stay and use as a home base. Many tourists are quickly discovering Filadelfia in the Guanacaste Province can be the perfect place to stay when visiting the area. Not only does it offer amazing archaeological sites, but it also has amazing weather.

Some Background Information

Filadelfia is a major city in Carrillo, but even so, it is not overpopulated. In fact, the population is under 8,000. The city is bordered by Santa Cruz on the south, Liberia on the north, Palmera on the west and Bagaces on the east. Sitting in the middle of the Tempisque Valley, it is surrounded by soft rolling hills and near the Tempisque River.

The town was originally called Siete Cueros because of all its trees, but the name was changed to honor a soldier, Filadelfia Soto, in 1877. It is well-known today because it was declared an archaeological city. This declaration was made due to the many cemeteries of the indigenous people found here.

Weather That Is Unbeatable

Filadelfia is well-known for its warm weather. Temperatures range from 86 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit on average, even during the rainy season. This makes for a comfortable visit any time of year, which can be a great escape from colder climates. It also means it almost always is beach weather.

The rainy season can be hit-or-miss with October usually being the rainiest. Despite being the rainy season, days usually are cloudy with rains happening only in the afternoon, so there is still plenty of time for exploration and enjoying the city if a person decides to visit during this time. The Tempisque River has led to severe flooding issues in the recent past for the city. However, this region is the driest in Costa Rica.

Despite the fact that the rainy season really does not produce terrible weather most of the time, visitors usually come here from December to March during the dry season to avoid any possible issues with their excursions being rained out. The dry season presents Filadelfia as a tropical paradise with plenty of sun, calm winds and dry air. There can be slight humidity, but it is never as bad as that seen in other areas of the American continents. This season makes the best time to visit because tourists can get out and explore the natural sites without concern over downpours ruining the day.

Must-See Sites and Activities

Being an archaeological treasure, visitors have to stop in at the many investigation sites throughout Filadelfia. Sites feature finds from 800 BC to 1500 AD. They include roads and paths that can be explored further, along with various items that have been recovered during digs on archaeological investigations.

Local culture can also be explored through the common trades in the area. Melons and sugar cane are routinely harvested here and serve a large portion of the population with employment. There are two local companies that serve as the main employers for these trades.

In addition, the area has a culture and sports week where recreational activities take place. Visitors can enjoy soccer, basketball and cycling. Also, during this celebration, visitors are treated to parades, music, dances, shows and traditional foods.

Another local event that is thrilling for those visiting the area is “Los Portales,” which refers to creating a fun and meaningful “portal” to the story of the Nativity. Once a year on December 24, locals gather in the main streets to celebrate the season. Characters are represented by humans or large figures, and children are given small goodies and treats as part of the tradition. The best U.S. comparison to this event would be Halloween trick or treating. It is mainly for the local children, but visitors may enjoy watching the fun.

While Filadelfia may not be as flashy as San José or other larger Costa Rican cities, it still has a lot to offer. Great weather, archaeological treats and cultural activities make this a fun place to explore.

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