Filadelfia, Guanacaste

Ranch in Filadelfia Guanacaste
Ranch in Filadelfia Guanacaste
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The first district and the main city of Carrillo in the province of Guanacaste, Filadelfia has a population of 7,814 and spans just over 125 square kilometers.

Previously, the town was known as Siete Cueros - which means "seven leather trees" - due to the large quantity of trees by that name in the area. The name Filadelfia was officially given to the town in 1877 in honor of Filadelfia Soto, a former soldier.

The district borders the canton of Liberia to the north, Santa Cruz to the south, Bagaces to the east and Palmera to the west. It is located directly in the center of the Tempisque Valley, which is surrounded by a number of hills that are no higher than 200 meters.

The climate is very warm in Filadelfia as the temperature ranges from 27 degrees Celsius during the rainy season to 36 degrees Celsius in the peak of the summer.

Popular Tourist Attractions

Some of the most popular tourist attractions to the district of Filadelfia are the archaeological investigations that have uncovered a number of items dating all the way back to 800 B.C. Because of these discoveries, the district is known by many as Archaeological City.

Pre-Columbian roads are an important aspect of these archaeological investigations, as the various roads and paths made of rocks give clues about ancient construction and conservation.

The economy of Filadelfia centers around the harvesting of sugar cane and melons, and two companies in the district are dedicated to these practices, employing hundreds of local people.

Cultural Activities & Events in Filadelfia

During July, Filadelfia generally holds "Cultural and Sports Week," which is an exciting group of recreational activities that are intended for both children and adults. Some of the sports played during this week include cycling, soccer, basketball and indoor soccer, which is a form of soccer that is played indoors and on a smaller surface.

Cultural activities during the week include dances, parades, musical interpretations, traditional meals and theater shows.

Another exciting event held in Filadelfia is "Los Portales" (The Mangers), which takes place each year on December 24 and has similar characteristics to trick-or-treating in the U.S. This activity is typically most enjoyed by the local children.