Amazing Hiking in Costa Rica - Photo Gallery

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You don’t have to imagine what it would be like to hike through the best forests in the world.

You can browse this photo gallery of Costa Rica hiking and get a glimpse of what you could experience on your trip.

We’re not sure that you’ll even be able to make it through all of the photos before you feel inspired to slip on and lace up your hiking boots.

Hook up with a Costa Rica tour guide to get a pre-hike history of the area you are exploring, and be sure to check out the posted signs along the trails that you hike.

In Costa Rica, you can hike near volcanoes and in cloud forests and view some of the most amazing natural occurrences like spectacular tree formations and solid lava formations.

Hike the National Parks in Costa Rica, and stop along the way to dip in the river and cool off.

Take your time on the hanging bridges and try not to lose your breath when you take in the views.

Hiking in Costa Rica is great for kids too! Bring the whole family and make your Costa Rica hiking trip the adventure of a lifetime.

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