Amphibians of Costa Rica - Photo Gallery

Amphibians might be some of the most intriguing animals in Costa Rica.

They range from being small toads to larger frogs, and their colors and patterns know no boundaries.

Get in touch with nature and some of the most magnificent amphibians of Costa Rica in our unique amphibian photo gallery.

You aren’t likely to find a collection this vast, all from one place, anywhere else!

These creatures inhabit the forests of Costa Rica, thanks to the country’s adamant protection of its lands.

The amphibians are able to live happily and fruitfully in the country, and Costa Rica is even home to some rare and endangered species. These species are finding a home where they can thrive.

We were able to capture some of these rare species, including the endangered Blue-sided Leaf Frog, the very rare and endangered Lemur Leaf Frog, and the rarest tree frog, Isthmohyla rivularis.

We traveled all over the country to find some of the most amazing amphibians to shoot, including the Blue Jeans Poison Dart Frog; Green, Strawberry and Orange Poison Dart Frogs; Variable Harlequin Toads; Cane Toads; Golden Toads; Glass Frogs; Guady Leaf Frogs; Smoky Jungle Frog; and Tarraco Tree Frogs.

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