Beautiful Churches of Costa Rica - Photo Gallery

Costa Rica is dominated by those that practice Catholicism, and our Costa Rica church photo gallery has captured the beauty of some of the most famous and most beautiful churches in the country.

Explore these photos to get a sense of the history, culture, and faith of the people of Costa Rica.

Our church photographs show some of the most visited buildings in Costa Rica.

We’ve captured these beautiful structures from all angles to give you the best viewing experience. We show you the front, back, side, and insides and outsides of these places that are sure to stun you.

We’ve captured everything that makes these places special, from their monuments to their gardens to their parks.

Our photographers have traveled all over the country, from Cartago to Tortuguero to San Jose and to Heredia. Some of the churches they have captured include the Ujarras Church ruins, Soledad Church, Catedral de la Mercedes, Agony Church and San Rafael de Heredia Church.

These churches are not just a place of everyday worship; they are also a place that many pilgrimage to for the most holy holidays and celebrations. These are travelers that come to Costa Rica just to tour the many beautiful churches in the country.

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