Canopy Tours in Costa Rica - Photo Gallery

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The wind on your face, the treetops your home and the ground far below – that is what it is like to take a canopy tour in Costa Rica.

A popular outdoor activity, also referred to as zip lining, a canopy tour is one of the most awe-inspiring ways to see the forest from high in the tree-tops.

Your canopy tour guide company will provide all the supplies you need to zip across some of the most exotic and beautiful forests in the world.

You’ll be equipped with a secure harness for the cable system, and a safety helmet, so that you can focus on taking in the view and trying to spot the most diverse creatures you’ll ever have the chance to see. Just try to hold in your animal howl while zipping through the tree tops!

Try wearing your GoPro camera on your tour so that you can relive this awesome experience whenever you want.

A canopy tour is truly one of the most amazing ways to explore Costa Rica and get an aerial view of the beautiful country.

Though not for those afraid of heights, it is worth a try for anyone that thinks they can handle the height.

Guanacaste Escape Adventure Tour
7 Days / 6 Nights
Starting at $779 per person
Costa Rica Beach & National Park Tour
14 Days / 13 Nights
Starting at $1,727 per person
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