Costa Rica from the Air - Photo Gallery

Being on the ground in Costa Rica is an almost surreal experience, and seeing it from the air is no different.

Check out these aerial views of Costa Rica in our 'from the air' photo gallery, and compare these images to what you see when you fly into the country.

Our pictures probably show you some views that you can’t see from your commercial plane!

We feature images taken from in the air on a gyroplane, and also from high ground, like in the mountains.

Browse our photos of Costa Rica and you’ll get amazing views of the impossibly blue coastlines, and some of the most popular areas, like Jacó.

We share some fascinating sights, like the world-class, award-winning resort golf courses in Costa Rica.

Our photographers have taken photos that give a complete look at beach and coastline resort properties, and vacation beach rental home areas.

You can also catch a glimpse of some Costa Rica staples, like boats in the marina and boats out on the water.

But we didn’t stop when we got photos of the ordinary daily happenings, we also show you photos of some of the wonders of Costa Rica, including mountains, forests, and volcanic craters.

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