Fish of Costa Rica - Photo Gallery

Welcome to our Costa Rica tropical fish photo gallery, where you can take a peek at some of most beautiful fish around.

Costa Rica straddles two coastlines, and the country is surrounded with colorful, fascinating, and even dangerous fish.

This photo gallery is great for those that are too scared to swim with the sharks themselves! For everyone else, get your scuba gear ready and dive right in.

Costa Rica works hard to protect and preserve its landscape, but it also works hard to protect the ocean and the ocean life, including the sea turtles.

The waters around Costa Rica are not taken for granted, as they provide not only diverse life, but a lot of opportunities for locals and tourists to surf, scuba dive, snorkel, paddle board, and just explore the waters.

This photo gallery is a stunning collaboration of the amazing life and landscape of the oceans that surround Costa Rica.

Our photographers dove into the beautiful waters and got some beautiful photos of coral reefs, and other ocean life including hammerhead sharks, bull sharks, eels, white tipped reef sharks, and stingrays.

They travelled all over, including Coco Island, the Bat Islands, and Bocas del Toro in Panama.

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