Mountains of Costa Rica - Photo Gallery

The hills are alive…with amazing views and unforgettable sights! You’ll love our Costa Rica mountains photo gallery so much that you’ll be putting on your hiking shoes before you can even get through all the images.

The mountains are really the heart of Costa Rica, as you can experience a little bit of everything through them.

You can see some of the most diverse and beautiful forests in the world while you are in the mountains.

Take a hike through the mountains and use your higher ground to get some aerial views of the country.

You probably didn’t think it was possible to have more awe and appreciation for the country, but you’ll feel differently having seeing the breath-taking land and ocean views from the mountains.

The trails in the mountains are great for hiking or for biking.

During a hike, you may get to cross over one of the mountain rivers on a bridge, or you may run into a pasture of grazing cows.

The possibilities are endless when you are exploring the mountains of Costa Rica.

Besides offering amazing higher ground views, Costa Rica mountains help add to the beauty of the landscape that you see from the ground.

Next time you are in Costa Rica, go ahead and look around you at how beautiful the mountains and hills make the landscape look.

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