Reptiles in Costa Rica - Photo Gallery

Costa Rica is as diverse with its reptiles as it is with its landscape.

The country is famous for having all kinds of incredible and interesting reptiles, and we’ve collected photographs of as many as we could so we could create this photo gallery for you.

We’ve captured the dangerous and the fascinating, and we hope that you’ll enjoy and appreciate these wonderful creatures.

Many of these creatures, like the sea turtles, are able to exist because of Costa Rica’s insistence on protecting their land and their animals.

The unique lineup of species that inhabit Costa Rica make it one of the most amazing places on Earth, and they will continue to have a home in Costa Rica forever.

We worked hard to capture reptiles from all over Costa Rica for this gallery.

We traveled everywhere and were out during the daytime and the nighttime to capture these magnificent animals in their natural environments.

Some of the incredible moments we captured for you are sea turtles coming out of the ocean to lay their eggs, sea turtles hatching, a viper striking a rodent, lizards basking in the sun, crocodiles swimming, and frogs in the trees.

Enjoy the pictures, but try to make it to Costa Rica to see these reptiles yourself!

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