Adventure Travel in San José

San Jose is both a province a well as the capital city of Costa Rica. Ideal to use as a base camp with extensive accommodations and plenty of tour operators found here, this region is also a wonderful place for an adventure. Stay in San Jose City and experience a vacation like no other. A cosmopolitan capital with its own unique charm, this burgeoning metropolis has a true international feel to it.

What to Do

Navigating around San Jose is an adventure in itself as you explore the many museums, theatres, churches and restaurants found dotting the landscape. With a road network that is bewildering to most, getting from one place to the other can be quite a challenge. However, what you need to keep in mind is that most locals get around by using landmarks. By referring to the nearest church, office, fast-food restaurant or famous attraction, traveling around this city can be quite a lot of fun.


Adventure travel in San Jose can be mostly found outside the city limits in places like Santa Maria de Dota and San Gerardo de Dota. If you like, you can tour this small province by an All Terrain Vehicle (AVT) and explore the vast coffee plantations and many mountains found in the area. Easy to use, AVT’s are fun for adults and kids alike and offer some truly superb views of the beautiful Central Valley as you zip on by.

In San Gerardo de Dota and in Santa Maria de Dota, you can enjoy some wonderful bird watching adventures, as you try and spot the elusive resplendent Quetzal that can be found in this area. With some good trout fishing opportunities in the Rio Savegre, you can also find a canopy tour operator out here at Genesis II, a private nature reserve.

Plan your Vacation

Many adventure travel operators can be found in San Jose, as this city acts as the main tourist hub for those entering and exiting the country. Check out our Adventure Travel Listings for San Jose to plan your dream vacation so that you enjoy a hassle free getaway. Be sure to folook for an adventure travel company with proper credentials and always ask for a bilingual guide. Though often expensive, these tours can be a whole lot of fun for the entire family to enjoy.

Guanacaste Escape Adventure Tour
7 Days / 6 Nights
Starting at $932 per person
Around Beautiful Costa Rica Tour
10 Days / 9 Nights
Starting at $1,193 per person
Featured Hotel
Mawamba Lodge Tortuguero
Starting at $290 / night per person - Meals & Transport Included
Featured Hotel
Trogón Lodge
Starting at $117 / night
Featured Hotel
Out of Bounds Boutique Hotel
Starting at $70 / night
Featured Activity
Palo Verde Jungle Boat Tour with Lunch
Starting at $120 / person
Featured Hotel
Sueños del Bosque Lodge
Starting at $80 / night
Featured Hotel
White Water Rafting on the Pacuare River
Starting at $112 / person
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