Car Rental Agencies in Limón

Limon province in Costa Rica stretches all the way from Nicaragua to Panama, and is home to a number of incredible national parks and nature reserves. If you think that sounds like a lot of the other provinces in Costa Rica, well, you’re not wrong, but there is something that makes Limon province just a little bit different from the other provinces. Here, you’ll experience an Afro-Caribbean culture and atmosphere that is unique to Costa Rica, and unique to Limon. This area’s uniqueness is perfect for the traveler that is looking for a laidback and relaxed lifestyle, and Limon offers tourists a completely different perspective on life in Costa Rica.

Exploring the Unique Limon Province with a Rental Car

Limon province is large, and while there are some public transportation options, the best way to get the most out of your trip is to rent a car. When you drive around on your own, you’ll see more than if you relied on other transportation, and as a bonus you get to do things on your schedule. Taking in the province at your own pace will make your trip that much more personal and exciting, and it won’t be something that you regret.

Whether you are traveling through Limon province alone or with your family on a Costa Rica adventure, rental a car is ideal. Besides the obvious perk of having the freedom to move around on your own, renting a car also lets you travel to and take in the more secluded and less touristy areas. A great means by which to explore Limon’s distinctive culture, a rental car is a wonderful way to get about.

Renting a Car for a Limon Adventure

If you are planning to use this convenient transportation option for your Limon adventure, you should be aware that there actually aren’t any car rental agencies in the province. This isn’t anything to worry about, though, since you can easily arrange to rent a car in the nearby San Jose. You can either pick up your rental car while in San Jose and drive it over to Limon yourself, and make arrangements for the car rental agency to drop the car off to you at your hotel in Limon. While this might mean an extra fee, it’s worth the cost for the convenience. Limon offers some adventures that might take you off the beaten path, so you want to try to get a four-wheel drive vehicle, just in case. That way, you can more easily navigate any bumpy or uneven roads that you encounter.

Northern Limon by Rental Car

You should also keep in mind that exploring northern Limon by rental car isn’t going to be an option. Much of this area is part of the Tortuguero National Park, making them inaccessible. Also, some of the land is part of the Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge, which has vast swampy areas only reachable by boat or plane.

Southern Limon

Southern Limon is ready for you to explore by rental car, however. The area is easy to get to and the road network here is quite good and maintained. If you are traveling from San Jose, take Highway 32 straight to the provincial capital of Puerto Limon. As you travel along this route you will pass through many towns including Guapiles, Guacimo, Siquirres and Moin before you reach your destination. If you are interested in heading to the stunning beaches of the Caribbean Coast travel south to places like Cahuita, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Punta Uva and Manzanillo. Do keep in mind though that the roads leading to many of the jungles and rainforests here tend to be rather basic with rough gravel trails.

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