Coronado, San José

A growing suburb of San José, Coronado is bursting with things to explore. While smaller in size and far less populated than the capital city, it is becoming a tourist attraction in its own right. The great location along steady transportation routes and to nearby sites and natural wonders makes it an ideal spot for a vacation getaway. Those who desire a place where they can get away from the crowds will find Coronado a pleasant surprise.

The Perfect Location

Only 10 kilometers or about 6.2 miles from the capital city, Coronado gives visitors a quiet community atmosphere within a bustling tourist locale. Located in the Central Valley, the city is right up against the Braulio Carrillo National Park. It is also located along regular transportation routes. Frequent buses can take visitors to San José in about 20 or 30 minutes, making a trip into the city an easy commute.

Natural Beauty

Coronado is home to some of the most beautiful Costa Rica landscapes. Braulio Carrillo is a must-see stop on any itinerary. This national park truly is one of the areas hidden gems. While not as popular as other national parks, Braulio Carrillo features stunning view of natural fauna and flora, along with acres of undisturbed rainforest and jungle areas. It is home to over 150 species of animals. This allows for plenty of time to be spent bird watching, exploring and hiking. Not being overly explored means much the landscape in the park is untamed and gives a glimpse of true nature.

Another natural treasure is the Barva Volcano. This is a very popular spot for tourists to visit. It provides 9,700 feet of height to explore. While it will take about five hours for a hiker to reach the summit, it is time well spent. The views of the area from the top are a one-of-a-kind experience.

Man-Made Wonders

The city is not just full of natural beauty. There are also some man-made sites well-worth exploring. San Isidro of Coronado Church features neogothic design. Its stunning columns and stained-glass windows are breathtaking. The cross-vaults spanning the ceiling and metal framework are other design features of note. This is one of the many Costa Rica churches that must be explored by visitors to the area who want to understand more about the area's culture and history.

The site originally housed an 1880’s-era church that was destroyed by an earthquake. Built in its place in 1935 by Teodorico Quirós, San Isidro is one of the most important churches in the whole country. It is dedicated to St. Isidore the Labourer. Visitors should make sure to check out the tower clock and bells.

Some other attractions to see while in the area include Clodomiro Picado Institute, which is a snake research facility that is world-famous. It is part of the University of Costa Rica. This site features exhibits and displays of local snake species and provides educational talks about how antivenom serums are made.

Of course, many visitors take advantage of the close location to the capital city, venturing there to take in the many shops, restaurants and museums. In addition, the more daring tourists love to take in the local nightlife.

Coronado may not be as big and flashy as the larger cities in the area, but it has so much to offer visitors. The atmosphere is quite laid back and relaxed, allowing for a restful stay. It is not difficult for anyone coming here to let the daily stresses of life slip away. Whether a person is exploring the national park or studying the architectural design of San Isidro, this city is an escape that is sure to provide an amazing experience.

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